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Although permanent teeth are expected to last a lifetime and it is our dentists’ priority to help to restore, save, and repair your natural teeth, there are a wider variety of reasons why tooth extractions are performed. Regardless of the reason, the removal of a single tooth can lead to problems related to your chewing ability, problems with your jaw joint, and shifting teeth, which can have a major impact on your dental health. To avoid these complications in most cases, Dr. Horiyat will discuss alternatives to extractions such as crowns as well as the replacement of extracted teeth by dental implants. 

Metal-Free Zirconia Implants

All Natural Ceramic Implants for a Missing Tooth

Plasma Rich Growth Factors (L-PRF)

Natural Bone Grafts & Stem Cells from Your Own Blood

Reasons for a Tooth Extraction

Wisdom teeth also known as third molars will typically develop between age of 17-25 . If wisdom teeth position themselves in angle, erupt partially, or impacted, they can cause pain, infection, facial swelling, or structural damage to your jaw and other teeth. Thus, they need to be extracted.  Adding PRF (stem cell dentistry) during extraction can be used to minimize pain and discomfort and speed up the healing process after extractions. 

Some holistic people who understand the link between their oral health and body health ask us to extract their root canaled tooth for the two main “root cause” reasons:

One reason is that their root canaled tooth fails due to certain conditions such as a fracture in the root of a root canaled tooth, infection, or improper root canal therapy.

The other reason is that some patients have researched and studied to find out about the root cause of their unexplained medical systemic and autoimmune conditions and found out that the “root cause” of medical conditions is “root canal therapy”.

If people’s natural or permanent tooth has been decayed or damaged, our biomimetic dentists will try to fix it with filling, crown, or other dental treatments before considering any extractions. If the tooth becomes non-restorable through tooth decay, periodontal disease, or dental trauma, the tooth gets extracted to be replaced with metal-free ceramic zirconia dental implants.

An expert and skilled Oral surgeon usually recommend extracting all your defective teeth in an arch and replacing them with All-on-4, 6, or 8 implants or metal-free zirconia implants If most of your teeth in one or both of your dental arches are damaged to the extent that they are not non-invasively restorable. In these situations, you may be a candidate for full-mouth-reconstruction, modern metal-free zirconia implants, advanced All-on-4 (teeth in 1-day system) therapy

Inside your tooth beneath the white enamel and a hard layer called dentin, is a soft tissue called pulp which contains blood vessels, nerves, and connective tissues. The pulp helps the growth of your tooth during its development. A fully developed tooth can survive without the pulp. If tooth decay or damage extends to the pulp, bacteria can enter the pulp, leading to infection. Most of the time, the infected pulp can be corrected with non-holistic root canal therapy (RCT) and antibiotics. However, if the infection is severe and antibiotics or traditional RCT do not cure it, then the tooth needs to be extracted holistically to prevent the spread of infection. Then extracted tooth can be replaced with a metal-free zirconia dental implant to maintain the anatomy and original teeth functions; otherwise, your oral health could be compromised due to bone loss, teeth shifting, change in your bite, and change in jaw joints. 

In orthodontics, the goal is to properly align the teeth, which may not be possible if teeth cannot break through the gum (erupt) due to being too crowded. In this situation, sound teeth may be extracted to create space for the rest of the teeth to have enough space to move & getting straightened.

One development problem that a child can experience is the formation of a supernumerary tooth, which is an extra tooth that lies between a person’s central incisors (the center two teeth). if more than one is present, the “mesiodentes” is used. This formation could happen due to extra tooth buds, genetics, or medical syndromes, The formation of mesiodens could lead to many problems such as problems with teeth coming in, crooked teeth, root abnormalities, cysts, and ectopic eruption (erupting in nasal cavity or patient’s palate instead of erupting through gums).

What to Do If You Need a Tooth Extraction?

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Choose a Certified Holistic Dentist to Avoid Painful Jawbone Infection or Dry socket after Extraction

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What to Do Know before Any Extractions?

Drug-Free NuCalm Relaxation

Oral Conscious Sedation

Intravenous “I.V.” Sedation

Nitrous Oxide

Holistic Extractions with L-PRF & Ozone & No Cavitation

Types of Dental Extractions

Non-Surgical Extractions

If the tooth is visible and fully or partially erupted, it can be removed with a simple tooth extraction. First, you will be painlessly numbed with a local anesthetic via our syringe-free technology and/ or one of our sedation options for lasting comfort and relaxation. Dr. Horiyat will then gently extract the tooth along ozone therapy and plasma rich growth factor (PRGF) or leucocyte platelet rich fibrin (L-PRF), which is bone graft from your own blood to promote faster holistic healing and regeneration. To avoid the missing tooth, metal-free zirconia implants can be placed by the best implantologists in Orange County.

Surgical Extractions

This holistic and less invasive method is used for broken teeth, not erupted, or having curved roots. Our oral surgery specialists administer a hi-tech needless local anesthetic and remove the tooth through a small opening in the gums. To preserve your bone from deteriorating, jawbone cavitation or dry socket pain, our holistic and biological dentists may recommend additional services such as oxygen/ozone therapy, L-PRF (stem cell) from your own blood, and metal-free zirconia implants. Moreover, for your comfort and phobia-free experience, we may offer you conscious, or IV sedation.


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Dry Socket Prevention

Socket preservation or alveolar ridge preservation is a procedure to reduce post-extraction bone loss and the risk of dry socket. After tooth extraction, the bone quickly resorbs, resulting in a 30-60% loss in bone volume. Bone shrinkage can create difficulty for future restoration treatment, and jawbone defects, and also decrease the supporting bone for the adjacent teeth.

To reduce post-extraction bone loss and dry socket, holistic dentists at Aria Dental could do socket preservation and regeneration by filling the socket with bone graft materials or a collagen plug, platelet-rich fibrin (PRF), and/or placing a dental implant in the same socket immediately after tooth extraction. 

Accelerating Healing Process after Extractions

Natural from Your Own Blood with No Additives

Platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) treatment, a therapy created from your own blood, has been recently introduced to dentistry and adopted by modern dental practices to speed up the healing process of soft and hard tissue, to reduce pain & inflammation after extractions. Our dentists at Aria Dental of Mission Viejo have also adopted PRF treatment and made it available to you.


Experience No Jawbone Cavitation or Dry Socket with Natural Healing Agent (PRGF) From Your Blood!

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What to Do after Tooth Extraction?

Full Arch Dental Implants

Replace Full Arch Missing Teeth with All-On-4 Technique Vs. Regular Denture to Avoid Jawbone Resorption

Metal-Free Zirconia Dental Implants

Place a Hypo-allergic & Ultra-Biocompatible Ceramic Implant for a Missing Tooth Vs. A Metal-Alloyed Titanium Implant



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