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Making Quality Dental Care Affordable

At Aria Dental, our goal is to provide the optimal treatment that we believe is consistent with your need. We never recommend an inadequate treatment because it’s cheaper or limited by your insurance. From the very beginning, we will develop a long-term care plan and provide you with different options to enhance your smile. Although we always deliver top-quality care, we will not overcharge for treatments. We make our best effort to control costs in order to ensure that our fees are reasonable for the quality of dental care we provide.

Payment Options

Our Office is committed to helping you to make dental treatments affordable for you. That’s why we offer our patients a selection of payment options to help them receive the high-quality dental treatment they deserve while being affordable.

Dental Financing

Aria Dental provides caring and affordable dental services. Dental procedures are important decisions and also require meeting financial obligations.

Thus, we not only provide a comprehensive treatment option and estimated fees but also make an effort to provide you with the most convenient way to complete your dental treatment by offering different payment options.

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Pre-Payment in Full

If you are able to make pre-payment in cash or check, we offer a 5% bookkeeping courtesy discount on certain treatments. Ask to see if your treatment qualifies for the discount. 

Credit Cards

Major Credit Cards are accepted.
Aria Dental accepts all major credit cards, which include Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. Our treatment coordinators are available to process your credit card of choice or to process multiple credit cards.

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Insurance Payment

Aria Dental offers affordable payment plans and accepts a direct payment from most PPO insurance plans. Our knowledgeable treatment coordinator will verify your insurance eligibility; thus, you will know the cost of your treatment and the estimated insurance coverage by considering that most dental insurance companies claim that insurance verification or pre-authorization is not a guarantee of payment, which makes the patient obligated for the full payment. When you accept your treatment plan, we will be happy to directly bill your insurance as a courtesy of Aria Dental to you. Please call 949-364-9600 to verify your insurance and make an appointment.

Care Credit®

CareCredit covers any out-of-pocket cost associated with your treatment regardless of having insurance or not. CareCredit also covers your insurance deductibles, co-payments, and any fees that are not listed under your current insurance plan.

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It’s easy to maintain a healthy and beautiful smile with CareCredit flexible payment plans. You can have the convenience of 0% interest for up to 12 months plus extended options or low-interest financing from 24-60 months We offer In-house financing for 12 months of 0% interest-free for the remaining balance after a down payment to our patients who need orthodontic treatment (Invisalign® is not included in this offer)
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Payment & Financing

The Lending Club Patient Solutions

Aria Dental is pleased to present flexible payment plans through Lending Club Patient Solutions to lower our patients’ financial barriers to completing their treatment plans and achieving their oral health.

Lending Club Patient Solutions always update their offer, but sometimes they offer:

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