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Dr. Maryam Horiyat is an accredited & certified holistic, biological, biomimetic, integrative, and cosmetic dentist who has been advanced trained for the highest level in her field to treat a myriad of dental concerns with preserving her patients’ overall health. Together with other skilled doctors and specialists, Dr. Horiyat is thrilled to provide comprehensive Cosmetic, Preventive, Restorative, Laser, Oral Surgery, Implant, Orthodontic, and Sleep Apnea/Snoring Solutions for ADULTS & CHILDREN

Holistic & Biological Vs. Traditional Dentistry

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Dr. Horiyat, Iaomt & Iabdm Certified & Accredited Member Dentist

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The Center of Biological & Systemic Dentistry


When you think of dentists, you probably envision traditional practices, procedures, and dental materials used for oral health. But did you know that the health of our mouth has a huge impact on our overall health and longevity? 

Holistic dentistry, also known as biological dentistry or functional medicine, is a modern approach founded on the philosophy that your mouth is intricately connected to the rest of your body; it is a contemporary practice born out of a desire to treat the body as a whole. Holistic dentistry recognizes new scientific findings and concerns in traditional dental practices and makes adjustments for the safety and health of patients. There are many benefits to finding a 5-star and certified holistic and biological dentist, one of which avoids toxic, unhealthy, or allergy-prone ingredients in certain conventional dental treatments. 

Everyone needs dental care, whether it is preventive services to keep your smile healthy, restorative services to return health and function to your teeth or gums, or cosmetic services to enhance the appearance of your smile. No matter what brings you to Aria Dental in Mission Viejo, CA, Dr. Maryam Horiyat and her team are dedicated to helping patients to become educated about the connection between oral health and body health & wellness. We understand that your teeth, gum, and oral structures are interconnected to your body’s overall wellness, and we believe that the smallest change makes the biggest impact on the overall balance and harmony of the body. Thus, we can help you to make more strategic choices for your dental treatments and materials to use for your dental needs to live a healthier, more natural, and less toxic life; we are dedicated to treating you and your loved one with compassionate, gentle, minimally invasive, and conservative care. 

Peace of Mind for Whole-body Wellness


Natural & Safe


Metal-Free & Non-Toxic


Biocompatible & Bio-Insert




Drug-Free Sedation




Hi-Tech & Digital


Durable & Long-Lasting


Minimal Invasive

What Can a Biomedical Dentist Do for You?

“Biological” refers to the physiology, behavior, and other qualities of living organisms. “Dentistry” refers to the prevention, evaluation, diagnosis, management, and treatment of conditions affecting the mouth, jaws, and other interconnected structures. When you combine these two concepts, you will have a revolutionary approach to oral health as well as whole-body health that emphasizes prevention and conservative treatment methods. So as a holistic, biological, and alternative medicine office, Aria Dental differs from conventional practices in several areas which collectively contribute to an office that improves patients’ well-being and entire body functioning at its healthiest level. We also treat less understood systemic diseases rooted in poor oral health. As an accredited and certified dentist, Dr. Horiyat: 

Disclaimer: The official position of the American Academy of Endodontists or AAE which is supported by the American Dental Association or ADA, is that root canals are safe and include the following statement: “Decades of research contradict the beliefs of “focal infection” proponents; there is no valid, scientific evidence linking endodontically treated teeth and systemic disease. Yet some patients still hear about this long-dispelled theory.” As such, we encourage each patient to do their own research as to whether a root canal procedure is right for them, and not solely depend on the information provided on this site.

Hear Our Patients Saying about Their Happy & Healthy Smile

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What Our Patients Are Saying...

John Nicsinger
John Nicsinger
alfred valencia
alfred valencia
The entire team has been great, and I have had a lot of work done. 100% happy from start to finish!!!
Casey Condia
Casey Condia
Dr. Horiyat and her team are amazing! We felt so comfortable from the moment we arrived. Dr. Horiyat has a wealth of knowledge that ranges from pediatrics all the way to adults. We are grateful to have found Aria Dental!
Tony Dallendorfer
Tony Dallendorfer
EXCELLENT dental care in all aspects!!!
Mari Stachenfeld
Mari Stachenfeld
Outstanding, courteous customer service. I needed to have a tooth pulled, and the office brought in a specialist with 30 yrs experience as well as special, additional training in Germany and the U.S. Everyone in this office is superbly competent at what they do. The dentist herself, Maryam Horiat, has her degree in dentristry from UCLA, a great dental school. In addition to this, she has furthered her education in holistic dentistry and all related subjects, so you are receiving the best care available anywhere. We are fortunate to receive our care at Aria Dental.
Alexxis Torres
Alexxis Torres
Second time here. Very professional and upscale facility. They were a gentle with my 5 year old. We are doing the ozone treatment and she had her first treatment earlier this year, during this visit we discovered no cavities! See you in 6 months!
Starr Harrison
Starr Harrison
Doctor and staff are knowledgeable, efficient, helpful and pleasant
Gale Simpson Preston
Gale Simpson Preston
AMAZING 🤩 DR. MARYAM IS THE BEST💪🦷💋job, people, caring, thoughtful and KNOWS THE NEWEST TECHNIQUES, HAS NEWEST AND BEST EQUIPMENT TO straighten out BAD DENTAL WORK 🦷 Another dentist attempted a dental implant on my son’s left upper (tooth #30) Bone graft failed & tried to put base at same time..He Suffered for 3 years until we found Dr. Maryam HORIYAT. SHE SAVED MY SONS LIFE🙏 REDID BONE GRAFT -HEALED 👍 Now fixing other mouth issues other dentist missed..🧚‍♂️ NO METAL USED IN CROWNS OR DECAY..Do your self huge favor and get to Dr. Maryam at ARIA DENTAL 🦷 ASAP
sam Davar
sam Davar
Just experienced Dr. Horiyat's holistic dentistry magic, and I'm totally impressed! She's not just a dentist; she's like a dental wellness guru. From personalized care to natural approaches, my teeth and soul are happy. If you're into holistic vibes, Aria Dental is the place to go!
Dr Horiyat is the best of the best! She is highly knowledgeable in holistic dentistry. We searched out-of-state for pediatric dentistry with expertise in genetic defect, MTHFR. Dr Horiyat exceeded our expectations and gave us options for our 5 yr old that would not be genetically damaging for him. What a gift! We will recommend Aria Dental to all of our CA friends & family. Many thanks!

Rejuvenate Your Smile & Feel Healthier!

Our skilled team of certified holistic and biological dentists and specialists rejuvenate your smile to transform the way you look and feel by:

Total Dental Revision (TDR)

Metal Implant Removal

To stop allergic reactions and avoid your body’s exposure to toxic metal-alloyed titanium, we remove remove metal-alloyed titanium implants. metal-free zirconia (ceramic) implants and remove metal-alloyed titanium implants.

Amalgam Fillings Removal

To avoid controversial BPA, we primarily use Bisphenol A- free dental fillings. We safely and sequentially remove mercury amalgam fillings & replace them with a biocompatible composite filling following IAOMT & Dr. Huggins Total Revision Protocol.

Replacement of Crowns

To avoid allergic reactions and medical conditions caused by toxic heavy Mercury metal and metal alloys crown restorations for their safety and efficiency that are exactly to normal composite white fillings with the same functions.

Cavitation Cleaning

To clean jawbone cavitation, our holistic dentist applies non-invasive alternatives such as ozone therapy as one option to treat cavitation besides cavitation surgery. Jawbone cavitation surgery is recommended to remove infected ligaments and jawbone.

Root Canals Removal

Our holistic & biollogical dentist offer to extract he root canal-treated teeth with removal of all surrounding inftected ligaments and bone to stop root cause of jawbone cavitation, medical systemic or autoimmune disease that is related to root canals,

Oral / Systemic Therapy

Your oral health is one of many biological and physiological systems in your body that not only perform separate functions but also link with one another system to keep the body functioning properly. When one of these systems suffers from any disease, high toxin level, chemical, trauma, or injury, it can manifest within other systems. Promoting a healthy balance within each system of the body is very essential in maintaining total body health. 

Dr. Maryam Horiyat and our team are thrilled to provide holistic and biological dental care that promotes the link between oral and systemic health. We focus to provide care that is beyond just your smile, providing treatments that are free of toxins and are biocompatible / bio-insert with your body’s unique immune response. 

We focus on addressing dental conditions such as periodontal disease, tooth decay, root canal, jaw infection, missing tooth, TMJ, bruxism, and airway conditions that can have adverse effects on other biological systems. Poor oral health has been proven to trigger and worsen other health conditions and vice versa.

Dr. Maryam Horiyat Certificates

A Holistic Dentist Vs. a Traditional Dentist

As Certified Holistic Dentists, We Treat Not Only Symptoms But Also Causes; We Work With the Body, Not Against It.

Holistic Preventive Care
Sleep & Wellness
Homeopathic Healing
Safe Amalgam Removal Technique (SMART)
Stem Cell Recovery (L-PRF)
3D Cone Beam CT-Scan
Metal-Free Restorations
Ceramic Dental Implants
Ozone Therapy
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Metal-free Implants

TOP 5-Star (Zirconia) Ceramic Dental Implant in Orange County

Zirconia Dental Implants

Unlike titanium implants, metal-free zirconia Implants are the most ultra-biocompatible solutions to replace your missing teeth, which can you a healthy smile for life with No Allergic Reaction, No Metal Sensitivity, or No medical conditions.
More Info

Smile Makeovers

Feel Confident & Look Your Best
Dr. Horiyat, our award-winning and trusted cosmetic dentist, specialize in enhancing, restoring, and correcting your smile. She can create a fully customized treatment plan that can rejuvenate your smile with a number of effective treatments.
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LANAP® Laser Gum Therapy

Look Your Best with Laser Bone & Gum Regeneration

LANAP® Gum Laser Therapy

We focus to use minimally invasive therapeutic techniques for the gum tissue and bone regeneration; thus, we have implemented LANAP® laser to treat gum disease with no need for osseous surgery, exogenous growth factors, artificial membranes, and Stitches.
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Mercury Quiz

Homeopathic Remedies

Essential Oils

Benefits of Holistic & Biological Treatments

Natural & Safe

Healthy For Your Entire Body

Prevent Medical Conditions

Minimize Toxic Materials

Simple, Safe, and Effective

No BPA, No Mercury, No Fluoride, Thus, Biocompatible, Hypo-Allergic, Non-Metallic




Healthy For Your Entire Body

Prevent Medical Conditions

Minimize Toxic Materials

Simple, Safe, and Effective

No BPA, No Mercury, No Fluoride, Thus, Biocompatible, Hypo-Allergic, Non-Metallic


Partnering with You on Your Path to Health!

Holistic, Biological & Integrative Approaches

We are not only certified but also active and accredited members of the top holistic and biological associations. 
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Top Orange County’s Holistic & Biological Dentist, Dr. Maryam Horiyat!

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Holistic, Biological & Integrative Dentistry

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Graduated from UCLA and UCSF, Dr. Horiyat is a premier holistic, biological, integrative, physiological, and conscious cosmetic dentist who practices homeopathic (Alternative Medicine for Oral Care). She is one of the top certified and accredited members of holistic associations such as IAOMT, IABDM, and HDA; she is commonly considered the ideal dentist for patients who are seeking natural, safe, non-toxic, and conservative treatments. 

Dr. Horiyat has enjoyed treating her holistic patients successfully with healthy techniques. See for yourself how rewarding dental treatments can be when you choose Dr. Horiyat at Aria Dental.

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