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At Aria Dental, we are committed to provide the most up-to-date and contemporary treatments and comprehensive dental care utilizing the latest and most advanced materials and equipment in dental industry. We don’t just add the “latest technology” without getting special training. Dr. Maryam Horiyat, our team of American Board-Certified Specialists, and our hygienists are constantly continuing education and training in the latest techniques being developed, and when we come across technologies that we know will help in offering world-class services to our patients, improve the standard of patients’ dental care, and enhance the result of our patients’ experience, we implement them to our office.


In Our Modern Life, a Glamorous Smile Comes with Advanced Methods

Dr. Maryam Horiyat is a renowned cosmetic & holistic dentist in Orange County who has been certified and accredited member of several most reputable international and USA cosmetic and holistic associations. Dr. Horiyat has implemented several most advanced technologies, techniques, materials, and protocols in her holistic, biological, and cosmetic office to help her patients toward their oral and overall health with the most modern, non-invasive, and bio-compatible techniques and materials.

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LANAP® Gum Laser Technology

Non-Invasive with Outstanding Results

Invisalign Technology

Clear, Removable & Comfortable

Computer-Guided Implant Technology

Precise & Accurate Placement

Digital X-Rays & Panoramic X-Rays

Extremely Minimal Radiation Exposure

Digital X-rays use up to 90 percent less radiation than film x-rays. Our Dexis Platinum Digital X-Ray System, (TrueComfortTM Design and PureImageTM Technology) is able to deliver clinically meaningful images that are extremely clear, highly detailed, and consistent images at lower doses. In addition, our digital X-rays enable us to detect cavities between teeth, determine bone levels, and analyze the health of the bone. We can also examine the roots and nerves of teeth, diagnose lesions such as cysts and tumors, as well as assess any damage when trauma occurs.


3D Digital Cone Beam CT-Scan

High Quality, Fast Results, Much Less Radiation Exposure on Your Body!


Our practice offers PaX-i3D Green Cone Beam CT-Scan that provides 3-D imaging whereas traditional X-ray and Panoramic X-ray provide the two-dimensional image. The 3D CT-Scan imaging of your jawbone and teeth can be vital for accurately viewing vital tissues such as nerves to precisely plan your treatments such as root canal treatments, dental implant placement, wisdom teeth extractions, TMD/TMJ, and cavitation (jawbone infection).
It also provides more predictable treatment outcomes, which ultimately leads to more successful dental and surgical care.


Digital CT-Scan also can be utilized to evaluate airways and throat for assessment of sleep apnea, snoring, or any other obstructive sleep disorders. 3D CT-Scan imaging delivers quicker and easier image acquisition; a typical scan takes only 20 seconds. The system offers active sagittal, coronal, and axial viewing and manipulation. It enhances diagnosis and treatment planning by providing more accurate imaging. By using the 3-D mapping tool, our skilled dentists at Aria Dental can easily format and select desired slices for immediate viewing. With One Shot Ceph feature of PaX-i3D Green Cone Beam, our dental professional can acquire high quality images with low X-ray dosage. In addition, short scan time reduces distortion caused by patients’ movement.

Dental 3D Printer

Cutting-edge Digital Dentistry Powered by SprintRay

Say goodbye to the old casting and annoying dental impressions! With our 3D printing technology, we get the work done more accurately and with zero discomfort!


The Vivos Method

Breathe better. Sleep better. Feel better.

The Vivos System offers a non-invasive solution for sleep apnea, targeting airway restructuring for lasting relief without surgery. It improves overall health, energy, and well-being, without the complexities of invasive procedures.

Ozone Generator Technology

Eliminate Harmful Microorganisms & Promote Bone Recovery

O3 therapy is one the safest and most effective treatments that not only enhance the outcome of your dental treatment naturally and without the use of toxic pharmaceutical drugs, but also safely and significantly reduces oral bacteria. Ozone therapy has no allergic reaction, balances the PH of the mouth, kills all types of infections, removes waste products of infections, and supports the surrounding tissue without any damage to healthy tissues.


As an accredited holistic and biological dentist and certified by the American Academy of Ozone therapy (AAOt), Dr. Horiyat commonly practices Ozone (O3) / Oxygen therapy to effectively kill bacteria as an alternative to toxic substances like fluoride. To kill microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi, yeasts, viruses, and parasites, Dr. Horiyat utilizes different applications of O3 therapy: ozonated water, ozonated oils, and direct application of oxygen/ozone into the infected.

Stem Cell (PRGF) Technology

Healing & Regeneration System from Your Own Blood

Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF) or Plasma Rich Growth Factors (PRGF) is an extremely effective, beneficial, natural, and safe technique that Dr. Horiyat utilizes to separate the white blood cells and growth factors from your own blood (100% autogenous) adding NO Additives, NO Chemicals, or NO Foreign Substances. Our holistic and biological dental practice has transitioned to the PRGF technique to help our patients to have an improved healing process and be able to regenerate bone and tissues 100% Natural & with NO Allergy Reaction.


Digital Impression

No More Gooey Impression & Gagging,

The fast & precise with 0% Radiation digital impression typically is captured using an intraoral wand that is inserted into the patient’s mouth and moved over the surface area of their teeth. The iTero™ unit has been exceptionally accurate, reducing prosthetic remakes to 0.5%. This concept allows digital STL files to be sent directly to a fabrication system for production of the restoration at the same time the milled models are being produced.


Digital Anesthetic System

Painless Anesthetic Injection System with No Syring

To make the process of getting dental care more comfortable and painless, our practice has transitioned to a computer-assisted anesthetic delivery system that controls the flow rate of anesthesia below the patient’s pain threshold. This system called WAND SYSTEM will provide painless, slow, steady, and real-time pressure feedback, resulting in a more precise, effective, and accurate delivery of anesthesia while ensuring optimal comfort.


One of the biggest benefits of the WAND STA system is known as WAND Single Tooth Anesthesia (STA) system or No Collateral Numbness. This system discreetly numbs the single tooth or damaged tooth or teeth that our dentists need to work on instead of numbing the entire area around your damaged tooth with large and intimidating syringes. Thus, localized numbness is much easier to manage than a more widespread effect.

Intra-Oral Camera

No Pain, No Radiation, Very Precise & Enhance Detection

At Aria Dental, we use HD IRIS 3.0 Intraoral camera to capture clearly defined images of patients’ teeth that can be sharpened, magnified, and projected onto LED monitor for closer inspection. The intraoral camera is a powerful tool to allow us to capture images of difficult reach in the mouth and get a closer look at any potential or hidden problem; it helps to enhance your understanding of your diagnosis.


Computer-Guided Implant

Cutting-Edge Technology for Tooth Replacement

Computer-guided implant placement technology is the most up-to-date digital technology that is used to assist with dental implant surgery for more precise, efficient, and accurate placement. With this innovative and computer-guided implant technology, our implant specialist can map out your entire oral surgery procedure.


PerioLase LANAP® Laser

Virtually Pain-Free Technology for Gum Surgery…No Shot, No Drill, No Pain!

PerioLase LANAP® (Laser-assisted new attachment procedure) is a breakthrough technology that not only helps you in avoiding the need for gum surgery but also treats your severe gum disease non-invasively while helping to regenerate bone and gum.  Only FDA-approved laser, our LANAP® certified dentist utilize LANAP® technology to remove only diseased gum tissues without affecting the healthy tissues or requiring any scaffolds, stitches, or exogenous growth factors.


Invisalign Technology

No Metal, No Wire, Completely Wireless & Removable

We offer Invisalign®, which uses an algorithm to break your orthodontic treatment down into several short steps, then manufactures clear plastic aligners designed to accomplish those steps.


Digital Bite Analysis System

Clinically Recognized & Research Validated

State-of-the-art, innovative, digital technology of T-Scan” Novus” is implemented to digitally identify premature contacts, high forces, and interrelationships of occlusal surfaces. 

Unlike traditional articulating paper, T-Scan is used to dynamically measure two of the most fundamental parameters of occlusion: force and timing. T-scan helps to balance your occlusion and reduce your visit to the office by either eliminating destructive forces on a new restoration or performing an occlusal analysis and adjustment procedure. 


iTero Element™

ClinChec® is Invisalign own 3D animated treatment plan. With ClinChec®, Dr. Horiyat can create a custom 3D treatment plan for your Invisalign straightening program, which allows you not only to view your own teeth in 360° degrees and watch as they transform during the Invisalign process but also to see your predicated Invisalign treatment result before you even begin the Invisalign process. To precisely design your final teeth position and help to achieve a healthy smile in harmony with your facial features, Dr. Horiyat utilizes this software to custom design your aligners sequence and check that they are the optimum movements.


Safe Amalgam Removal Technique (SMART)

Not Only Mercury -Free; But Also Mercury Safe

To detox from daily exposure to highly toxic mercury from your existing silver fillings, to be protected from harmful mercury vapor during traditional and unsafe amalgam removal, and to improve your overall health, energy, and vitality, we have utilized holistic and SMART protocols from International Academy of Oral Medicine & Toxicology (IAOMT) to safely replace your toxic mercury silver amalgam fillings or restorations with biocompatible & metal-free & tooth-colored composite fillings, onlays, Inlays, or Crowns.


Digital Facial Analysis

Computerized Smile Designing

This technology allows us to analyze the best position for your teeth scientifically; it allows us to get Invisalign, cosmetic dentistry, orthodontic, and implant dentistry results that harmonize with your facial features.

A beautiful confident smile is desired by all. When you wish to attain a beautiful smile, but you are skeptical to undertake the treatment procedure, we can utilize the Digital Smile Designing (DSD) tool to help you to customize your personalized smile and visualize the aesthetic outcome of your treatment,


LAPIP® Laser Technology

Save Your Dental Implants without Surgery

LAPIP Technology (Laser Assisted Peri-Implantitis) is an advanced and non-invasive laser technology and protocol that are applied to patients who have been experiencing peri-implantitis around their current dental implants. Peri-implantitis is bone loss, inflammation, or gingival (gum) recession around implants. This technology is used to treat diseased tissues around an affected implant, help to restabilize a dental implant that is failing, and restore bone attachment around ailing dental implants.


A New State-of-the-art of 100% Metal-free Technology

Ceramics: A Breakthrough Technology

In our renowned holistic dental office, we have implemented several holistic, biological, physiological, integrative, and innovative techniques and technology systems with proven results from IAOMT, IABDM, IAOC, HDA, and AAOT to provide healthier, less toxic, minimally invasive, and safer dentistry to our patients while being safe to our staffs and environment. Thus, we have implemented techniques and technologies to be metal-free, ultra-biocompatible, and conservative ceramic (zirconia) implants and restorations with the best optimal results.  Thus, our autoimmune system will not recognize ceramic materials as toxic materials to fight against them.


Sleep Apnea Appliances Technology

Solutions for a Good Night’s Sleep without CPAP

The airway is key to life. Snoring & Sleep Apnea are two unhealthy conditions that disturb a normal breathing pattern and ultimately cause medical conditions. However, millions of people around the world simply can’t breathe normally- especially at night. Our modern technology allows us to do sleep apnea testing in the comfort of your home and provide custom-made oral devices to those who are diagnosed with sleep apnea.


DNA Appliances Technology

The Next Evolution in Dentistry to Cure TMJ & Sleep Apnea

Our revolutionary, FDA-regulated biomimetic, custom-made, removal and adjustable Vivo-DNA appliance system (Daytime Nighttime Appliance) can be used to treat the teeth, jaw, temporomandibular joint (TMJ), face, and airway for optimal growth and development by engaging the patient’s underlying genetics without the use of surgery. This innovative DNA appliance is used to gradually correct and reshapes misshapen craniofacial structures in children, teens, and adults.


NightLase Laser Technology

Quick & Effective Laser to Treat Snoring & Sleep Apnea

Fontana’s NightLase Technology is used to increase the patients’ sleep non-invasively and without surgery.  This technology decreases the amplitude of snoring and the effects of sleep apneas using laser-induced tightening effects which is causing the contraction of collagen in the oral mucosa tissues. This technology helps to have a high success rate in producing a positive change in sleep patterns.


Digital Color Matching

Focused on Color

Although the human eye can detect subtle variations in color, but variable lighting and shadows in your mouth can make it more difficult for you to choose the exact match. ShadeWave Computerized Color Matching stops all uncertainty and allows us to precisely match the color of your restoration to the rest of your teeth.


Ultrasonic Scaler

Our Ultrasonic Scaler Piezo is built in. Our hygienists use Ultrasonic Scaler with the broadest frequency range that applies a high-frequency south wave and the largest vibration amplitude to gently and painlessly break apart stubborn and hardened plaque and heavy stains from the surface of your teeth and to wash away debris in the periodontal pocket.


Diode Soft Tissue Laser

Better Results for Periodontal Care & No More Traditional Mechanical Drills

Diode soft tissue laser such as SOL® soft tissue diode, also known as “soft tissue handpiece,” is used for gum disease treatment and gum recontouring without using a blade to cut your gum. This laser allows us to utilize sculpture techniques, precisely cut/remove the target tissue with less trauma and bleeding, and control infection by killing many of the bacteria at the wound site. This laser also has many benefits to patients such as improving post-operative pain/discomfort, decreasing postoperative swelling, and eliminating the need for sutures.


Isolite Illiminatated Dental

All-in-one Continuous Evacuation, Airway Protection, Tongue Retraction, and Illumination

Our modern Isolite dental system by Zyris® allows us to implement standard protocols quickly and easily for consistent outcomes in your procedures. It helps us to achieve better visibility and moisture control,and improve efficiency and clinical results while ensuring patient safety and comfort. In addition, its continuous saliva evacuation allows for the reduction of the risk of aerosolization of bacteria and viral particles, it also helps to reduce the airborne spread-out of COVID-19.


Laser Cavity Detection

No X-Ray Technology

Laser Cavity Detection System is proven by both the U.S. Food and Drug Administration & the American Dental Association.
Identifying, preventing, and treating dental problems in their earliest stages is one of our most important priorities. Our training and integration of new technologies allow us to provide minimally invasive and tooth-preserving treatment.
We have significantly enhanced our ability to diagnose cavities in their early stages by incorporating of the DIAGNOdent laser caries detection aid into our practice.


The DIAGNOdent™ pen will show you where the decay lies and work quickly and reliably. The laser fluorescence detector within the DIAGNOdent™ pen is a precise method for identifying fissure caries, proximal caries, and periodontitis. Metal fillings block X-rays, but DIAGNOdent™ pen will allow us to detect the cavities around metal fillings.

Computerized All-on-x

Scientifically Proven Technology for Minimal Invasive Fixed Full-Arch Rehabilitation

Our specialized treatment software and 3D Cone Beam CT-Scan equipment allow our implant specialist to provide a higher level of care with better accuracy and outcome results. With computerized all-on-4® dental implant technology, we can design a patient’s entire treatment plan. Our CT scanning software can detect soft tissue conditions such as nerve, arteries, and sinuses as well as bone quality issues, it also helps us to determine the exact location of dental implant placement.


Oral Aerosol Vacuum Technology

Capture Mercury Vapor to Eliminate Toxic

We have been using oral aerosol vacuum technology during our safe amalgam removal technique (SMART) to protect our patients, staff, and doctors from toxic mercury vapor during mercury silver amalgam removal. We also used this technology during the COVID-19 pandemic to stop the spread of microbiological contaminants away from the immediate breathing area of the dentist, assistants, and patients. The Oral Aerosol Vacuum cleans the operatory air when performing oral surgery, high-spread drilling, and dental mercury amalgam removal. 


State-of-the-art Sterilization

No Cross Contamination

Aria Dental is dedicated to your safety and well-being; thus, we custom designed the most advanced and modern Sterilization Center with the best steam autoclave equipment with biological monitoring to efficiently control infection. With its single direction instrument flow, there is no crossover storage, further reducing the risk of contaminating sterile instruments. Consequently, our sterilization system always surpasses OSHA requirements.


Biological Orthodontics Advances Technology

Clear, Reliable. Strong, & Comfortable Technology

Orthodontics has been used for hundreds of years, but the techniques we offer today are nothing like traditional orthodontics or old metal braces. we have utilized several modern & innovative orthodontic technologies that are holistic, BPA-Free, and mercury-metal free such as clear ceramic braces, holistic ALF orthodontics, Invisalign® aligners. Unlike traditional and manual metal-braces techniques, we use computer planning to optimize orthodontic treatments to straighten your teeth. We also use advanced materials to make your orthodontic treatment faster, more comfortable, and more convenient.


HEPA & Ionizer Air Purification Systems

Control Aerosol... Cleaner Air

To provide fresher and cleaner air, energizing air that results in our productivity, fewer respiratory illnesses including Corona Virus Covid-19, and a safer, healthier environment for our patients and staff, we have implemented and properly placed the most powerful and most innovative HEPA air purification systems that provide air movement in a clean-to-less-clean flow direction that reduce the distribution of contaminants and to help protects our patients and staffs, especially during the recent pandemic coronavirus COVID-19.


NuCalm Technology

Drug-Free Relaxation & Anesthesia

NuCalm is a clinical technology system designed to help your mind and body relax and body relax naturally within just minutes. Designed by neuroscientist, Dr. Maryam Horiyat uses this technology to treat her patients with post-traumatic stress disorder; she uses NuCalm technology to relax the brain and body functions of her patients rapidly and reliably by using biochemistry, physics, and neurophysiology of this technique. 

a woman with head phones and NuCalm blindfold

Digital Charting & Secure Documentation

No More Paper Charts & Missing Document

Our most advanced & customized, secure, and digital management software has helped our dental technology work together as one system. Easier scheduling, convenient interoffice communication, and faster checkout help our patients as well as our team.

a dentist pointing to a dental module

DNA Testing

We have learned that there are thousands of oral bacteria species living in your mouth. We also have learned that only a small number of these bacteria cause gum disease. DNA testing allows us to create a profile of what bacteria are living in your mouth so that we can get a better idea of gum disease risk.

two lab technicians performing DNA Testing

Ozonated Water / Flouride-free Water

Self-Contained Water Reservoirs

Aria Dental does not use the city water system. We isolate the dental units from the municipal water supply, select the quality of water to be used, and minimize the contamination and biofilm by self-contained water reservoirs, chemical treatment regimens, micro-filtration, and daily draining and drying of lines. We ozonate the water to inhibit the growth of harmful microorganisms such as bacteria, Giardia, Cryptosporidium, parasites, fungi, molds, and other microbes.

ozone therapy device at Aria Dental office
Z-Systems Ceramic Implants
The Only FDA Approved 100 % Metal Free Implants,
Superior to Titanium Implants in Many Areas.
More natural.
Bones and gums integrate better with zirconium oxide ceramics.
Z-SYSTEMS implants are metal-free, bio-compatible, conduct neither heat nor electrical energy, and cause no irritation to the immune system.
More sustainable.
Less plaque accretion than on titanium. This reduces the risk of perimplantitis as well as cardiovascular diseases and strokes.
Ceramic is much stronger than titanium.
More aesthetic.
Thanks to the white material, no gray shadows are visible even with thin or receding gums.
More visible.
Ceramic implants are opaque to X-rays, and easier to recognize in critical situations.

Digital 3D Cone Beam CT-Scan & iTero Elements

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Metal-free Ceramic (Zirconia) Techniques

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LANAP® Laser Gum Disease Technology & Techniques

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Holistic Dentists & Specialists to Offer You the Optimal Care

Dr. Maryam Horiyat is a premier Cosmetic, Holistic, and Biological Dentist in Orange County who utilizes her artistic ability, excessive training, exceptional experience, and meticulous hand skills to make her patients look younger, boost confidence, have a balanced bite with ideal function and simply enjoy their dream smile with newly designed teeth.
Dr. Horiyat has completed over 10,000 cosmetic dental treatments successfully, which functioning and looking incredibly beautiful. See for yourself how rewarding dental treatment can be when you choose Dr. Horiyat to enhance and care for your smiles.


Holistic Dentists & Specialists to Offer You the Optimal Care

Photo of Dr. Maryam Horiyat Standing and smiling
Dr. Maryam Horiyat is a premier Cosmetic, Holistic, and Biological Dentist in Orange County who utilizes her artistic ability, excessive training, exceptional experience, and meticulous hand skills to make her patients look younger, boost confidence, have a balanced bite with ideal function and simply enjoy their dream smile with newly designed teeth. Dr. Horiyat has completed over 10,000 cosmetic dental treatments successfully, which functioning and looking incredibly beautiful. See for yourself how rewarding dental treatment can be when you choose Dr. Horiyat to enhance and care for your smiles.

Holistic Dentists & Specialists to Offer You the Optimal Care

Dr. Maryam Horiyat is a premier Cosmetic, Holistic, and Biological Dentist in Orange County who utilizes her artistic ability, excessive training, exceptional experience, and meticulous hand skills to make her patients look younger, boost confidence, have a balanced bite with ideal function and simply enjoy their dream smile with newly designed teeth.

Our Premier Doctors Are One Reason We Are Better!


Dr. Maryam Horiyat is a premier Cosmetic, Holistic, and Biological Dentist in Orange County who utilizes her artistic ability, excessive training, exceptional experience, and meticulous hand skills to make her patients look younger, boost confidence, have a balanced bite with ideal function and simply enjoy their dream smile with newly designed teeth.

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