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Why Nose Breathing Is Better than Mouth Breathing?

Breathing is one of the most vital functions of human overall health and well-being, and it starts with nose breathing instead of mouth breathing. People who breathe through their mouth instead of their nose are more susceptible to suffering from childhood development, sleep apnea, teeth clenching, poor posture, thyroid problems, incorrect facial profit, and many other medical conditions that arise after these conditions.

If you think you are a mouth breather, you need to immediately get help from a professional and medical team to diagnose if you are a mouth breather and then get a proper treatment to begin breathing through your nose and stop mouth breathing.

If you are experiencing TMJ pain, Sleep Apnea, Snoring, poorly developed dental arches, crooked teeth, an improper bite, orofacial muscle imbalances, posture problems, and headaches, contact us. Dr. Horiyat now has a variety of natural, painless, and effective ways to treat these debilitating problems and get her patients relief.

Mouth Breathing Vs. Nose Breathing

Experts agree that breathing through your nose has many superior benefits to your whole-body wellness than mouth breathing. Our noses process air differently than our mouths can do.

Human lungs prefer air that’s not too hot or cold. Unless you have a nasal blockage condition such as a deviated septum or chronic rhinitis, your nose will cool and warm the air that goes into your lungs to an optimal body temperature. Mouth breathing doesn’t do this.

The tiny and hair-like structures in your nose, called “Cilia”, filter out toxins and debris as air is inhaled through the nasal membranes. Cilia sends the toxin to your throat instead of your lungs. Mouth breathing directs everything you breathe into your lungs.

Our nasal passages humidify the air we inhale, but our mouth doesn’t typically do this. This is one of the main reasons that mouth breathers usually wake up with a dry mouth, congested nose, or a sore throat.

Our noses can smell harmful substances in the air or our food; however, our mouths can’t find these toxins as effectively.

Nasal Breathing

Nasal breathing is a superior method of respiration that promotes healthy growth and childhood development starting at a very early age. Nose breathing variably uses muscle groups in the ribs, shoulders, neck, and face. Healthy coordinated muscle patterns during breathing support good upright comfortable posture.

Mouth Breathing

Mouth breathing uses a different muscle pattern than nasal breathing, it causes people to have a forward head posture and slouch. People who mouth breath end up with crooked smiles, poor airways, bad posture, sleep problems, and bruxism because muscle patterns used during mouth breathing cause the bones in the face, chest, back, and neck to grow to be the wrong size and shape.




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The Science of Nose Vs. Mouth Breathing

People who don’t breathe through their nose still need to breathe somehow through their mouth, but they need to seek nose breathing treatments to avoid the detrimental effects of mouth breathing. As scientifically proven, unlike mouth breathing, nose breathing facilitates to optimize your sleep, boosts the immune system, promotes recovery, and enhances cognitive and physical performance for the following reasons:

different postures on body anatomy

Nose breathing accelerates the Parasympathetic Response, also known as the “Relaxation Response.” This response not only helps to neutralize the damages done to our bodies during stress but also leads to a more relaxed stage as well as restorative sleep.

Nasal breathing oxygenates the nasal membranes and sinuses. Oxygen kills anaerobic bacteria that cause infections and promotes the growth of healthy bacteria in the nose and sinuses. People who are nose breathers, rather than mouth breathers, have generally better immune systems and get fewer bacterial and viral infections.

Nose breathing helps people to significantly increase the level of nitric oxide, also known as “super-molecules” in their bodies. These super-molecules play a fundamental role in the human body such as promoting a better and healthier digestive system, athletic performances, neurological health, circulatory and cardiovascular system, immunity, inflammation, cognitive function, and more.

Nose breathing facilitates a relaxed pace of respiration by maintaining a good balance between oxygen and carbon dioxide level. This balance significantly helps in physical and cognitive performance as well as muscle recovery.

What Causes Mouth Breathing?

Poor tongue function at a young age is one of the main reasons that create a mouth breather. During growth and development, the tongue applies pressure on the upper teeth and hard palate during swallowing and speech which will ultimately widen the palate, a part of the maxillary bone that sits at the bottom of the nose. As the palate grows wider, the nasal passageways get bigger and fit more air through bigger nasal space. Any individuals who get enough oxygen through the nose, will not open their mouth to breathe. 

In some children, poor tongue function begins because of tongue-tie or ankyloglossia, which means the tongue sits low in the mouth with a limited or no range of motion and does not apply enough pressure on the hard palate and the upper teeth during growth and development. As the result, these children will end up having underdeveloped palate and nasal passageways, poor nasal breathing, and ultimately mouth breather.

How to Treat Mouth Breathers?

Are you looking for an effective mouth breathing treatment? You’re not alone. As education and awareness increase around the harmful and detrimental impact of mouth breathing during sleep, the demand for orthodontic growth appliances such as palatal expanders is increasing and more companies developing appliances for mouth breathers. However, as a holistic, biological, biomimetic, and integrative dentist, Dr. Maryam Horiyat may recommend removing all tongue and lip ties, tongue exercises and myofunctional therapy, and/or Vivo DNA appliances for the correction of facial and jaw structure. She may also refer you to a chiropractor or qualified physical therapist to evaluate your posture and initiate posture restoration as well as proper breathing pattern restoration.


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What Is a DNA Orthodontic Appliance?

DNA Appliance® stands for Daytime-Nighttime appliance. This orthodontic appliance, an FDA-regulated biomimetic oral appliance, is a revolutionary custom-made, removable, and adjustable dental appliance that is used to gradually correct and reshape misshapen craniofacial structures in children, teens, and adults.

DNA appliance is based on the concept of Pneumopedics®, which is a process of gradually and non-surgically increasing the volume of nasal airways by expanding the size of the upper jaw. The 3D expansion increases the size and volume of the nasal passageways, mouth, and facial and ultimately helps patients to cosmetically benefit from facial feature balancing.

DNA & mRNA Appliance

Small Mouth = No Space for Tongue, Poor Breathing & Posture

The DNA Appliance work by widening the upper arch and the nasal passage, allowing more airflow to pass through. As the upper arch is widened, the lower jaw enlarges and moves forward into a more natural position. As the lower jaw moves forwards, it increases the size of the airway and dramatically improves the patient’s ability to breathe because the tongue and soft tissue move forward with the lower jaw forward movement. 

Understanding mRNA Appliance

The mandibular Repositioning Nighttime Appliance (mRNA) is an oral device that provides combined maxilla-mandibular corrections while utilizing biomimetic principles.  Worn at night, mRNA allows the body to reposition the mandible (lower jaw) for better breathing and redevelop the mid-face; it also helps to redevelop the upper airway by stimulating the upper jaw to grow and shifting teeth into a more natural position. 

DNA & mRNA Appliance

Benefits of Treatment with Orthodontic DNA Appliances

Also known as Daytime Nighttime Appliance®, DNA appliances harness pain-free, natural, non-surgical, epigenetic developmental mechanisms to effectively improve the following conditions with No need for a noisy CPAP machine, No surgery, No drugs, or No injections.

The DNA Appliance will not only help you sleep better, but also it helps you breath better, smile better, and look better

The Difference between DNA & Conventional Oral Appliances

Conventional oral appliances improve snoring and sleep apnea in the short term. They keep the airway open by holding the mouth slightly open and pushing the lower jaw forward. The conventional oral appliance must be worn for life because they just treat the symptoms; however, DNA appliances not only treat the symptoms but also permanently treat the underlying issues causing sleep apnea and snoring.

Historically, dental arch development in adults was difficult because arch development appliances required 24/7 wear to be effective. With DNA appliance, a patient can achieve outstanding results wearing the appliance 12-17 hours per day.

Unlike rapid palatal expansion (RFE), DNA appliance is slow and steady arch development.

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DNA & mRNA Appliance

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