Maryam Horiyat, DDS, AIAOMT & CIABDM

Holistic, Biological, Integrative, Conscious, & Cosmetic Dentist

Maryam Horiyat - DDS, AIAOMT, CIABDM

Dr. Maryam Horiyat is a highly trained, certified, and accredited member of the International and American Holistic, Biological, Cosmetic, Sedation, Reconstructive, and Implant Associations and more. She is highly skilled, detail-oriented, and passionate about perfection for each she sees. Her impressive history and experience are a testament to her devotion to her patients and her craft.

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Top 1% Holistic & Cosmetic Dentist in California

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Dr. Maryam Horiyat is an honor graduate from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) in 2001, double majoring in Biochemistry and Human Physiology, and the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) in 2006 with a Doctor of Dental Surgery degree (DDS).

Dr. Horiyat has always believed in continuing education to learn the latest and best technique that enhances prognosis and patient comfort. As the result of her commitment to excellence through continuing education, she has accomplished a high level of certification in Holistic, Biological, Integrative, Sedation, Advanced Cosmetic, Invisalign® & Orthodontics, Sleep Apnea & Snoring, LANAP® Gum Surgery, Laser Dentistry, and more.

Thus, she has the advanced training and experience to accommodate each patient’s exceptional situation and needs by providing an award-winning, healthy, and functional smile everyone would be proud to have. She treats each case diligently with the utmost priority without compromising her patients’ oral and overall health.

Dr. Horiyat’s commitment to remaining at the forefront of the latest advancement in holistic, reconstructive, regenerative, and cosmetic dentistry ensures that patients receive the art treatment in the safest, most biocompatible, and most natural manner possible.

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Certifications & Post-Doctoral Degrees

Dr. Maryam Horiyat Training & Certifications

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Dr. Horiyat, IAOMT & IABDM Certified & Accredited Member Dentist

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Post-Doctoral Training

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Dental Organization of Conscious Sedation

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Academy of Comprehensive Esthetics

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Professional Associations & Recognitions

"We know the difference a healthy and beautiful smile can make. When a patient comes to us, and we treat them, we know that every decision we make could impact their oral, emotional, spiritual, and overall health. That’s why it has to be perfect & natural. That’s why we focus on holistic, biological, and integrative approaches."
Dr. Maryam Horiyat

Fellowship Recipient from Prestigious Academic Organizations


Like most 21st-century industries, dentistry has gone digital, and more people are becoming more health-conscious about their well-being. Dr. Maryam Horiyat has been at the leading edge of that transformation from the beginning of her career, using innovative and digital technology, ultra-biocompatible materials, superior & natural methods, minimally invasive techniques, and proven principles. Since then, she has continued to sharpen her skills, incorporating revolutionary digital technologies where they make a difference, and applying hand-crafted solutions where they matter most.

Dr. Maryam Horiyat has extensive experience in the latest innovation in Aesthetic Dentistry, Regenerative Dentistry, Reconstructive Dentistry, TMJ Disorders, Correction Bite Problems, Implant Dentistry, Full-Mouth Reconstruction & Rehabilitation, and multidisciplinary treatment coordination with highly skilled dental and medical specialists. Her position as a leader and educator gives her access to help shape the future of holistic and cosmetic dentistry as new techniques and technologies enter the space.

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Passion for Giving Back to Our Community

Dr. Horiyat believes true leaders lead by doing; she also believes true leadership also means reshaping the world to be a better and healthier place by generous giving. She encourages leadership at all levels and steps forward to achieve goals, envision what needs to be done and be motivated by others examples.

In addition to offering patients compassionate and comprehensive dental care, Dr. Horiyat is deeply involved with our community in Mission Viejo, Ladera Ranch, and surrounding areas. She frequently donates her time, efforts, and money to several charitable, non-profit organizations throughout Southern California and the world such as children’s Hospital (Choc Hospital) for the better health of our children. She also regularly participates in sponsorship for several sports and high school teams.


Making a meaningful, lasting, and energized contribution to our community by serving a cause greater than our own.


We hold ourselves to the highest standards of professional, scholarly ethics, trust, honesty, and loyalty.


We measure ourselves by exacting standards and honor high aspirations and achievements while valuing passion, determination, perseverance, and feeling the need to pursue something bigger than better.


We discover new ways to see the world and make it better. We are dedicated to pursuing new knowledge and artistic creation.


We are committed to create a deep-rooted and caring connection with people by the power of compassion and respect,

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Our Patients Say About Us...

Jimmy Horriat
Jimmy Horriat
As always, I had The best experience getting my teeth worked on.
Tom Coss
Tom Coss
As part of my public health work with seniors, I find a lot of aging pathology that is avoidable, but they don't know how. In 2018, I attended a Neurology Conference that showed shocking evidence of the role poor oral hygiene played in cognitive decline. This relationship was not vague, it was substantial. Dr. Horiyat was, and is more than familiar with the research and need for intervention. It's been a few years, but worth every second and every dollar. You don't avoid the cost of poor oral health, it just shows up later when options are few. This is one amazing organization, and I couldn't be happier. //Thomas A. Coss, RN
Onion Peeler
Onion Peeler
Lack of price transparency, bait and switch sales tactics, overpriced in general.
Casey Condia
Casey Condia
Dr. Horiyat and her team are amazing! We felt so comfortable from the moment we arrived. Dr. Horiyat has a wealth of knowledge that ranges from pediatrics all the way to adults. We are grateful to have found Aria Dental!
Greg Meyer
Greg Meyer
Great people !! Nice location . Felt comfortable 🙏
Don Ambrose
Don Ambrose
Connie was great. As she was cleaning my teeth she explained what trouble spot I had and what the best way to keep them clean and free from the formation of plac on my teeth.
Neal Botolfson
Neal Botolfson
The office is friendly and professional. I fly from Florida to go to this Dental office because they perform complete and painless dental work and they make me feel like family.
Debra Tufts
Debra Tufts
After a bit of research I chose treatment at Aria Dental even though I live in another state. And I’m so glad I did. Dr. Maryam Horiyat treats the real problem, not just the symptom, and provides the much needed education to instill absolute confidence in her healthy holistic approach.
Sherry Miller
Sherry Miller
Aria Dental is a wonderful place, the staff including Maryam are very friendly, especially Steve who is very nice and is amazingly patient explaining everything. And OMG Dr. Horiyat is incredible, she knows so much about health and how to take care of yourself and recover the natural way. She always has a big smile. Such good vibes there. Thank you for all you did for me.