Traditional Dentistry Vs. Biomimetic Dentistry

Biomimetic Dentistry being performed along Holistic and Biological approaches is the best of all worlds. 

There are no teeth better than your natural teeth, but sometimes, the repair is needed. However, there are more natural solutions to your dental needs called biomimetic dentistry. 

Here at Aria Dental, we not only take minimally invasive techniques, non-toxic materials, holistic protocols, and preventive approaches to restore your damaged, decayed, or fractured teeth, but also, provide biomimetic dental treatments to conserve and preserve as much natural tooth structure as possible while returning the tooth to its original strength, function, and aesthetic. 

What Is Biomimetic Dentistry?

Biomimetic dentistry is a type of dental treatment designed to promote the science and merits of tooth-conserving and preserving dentistry. Collectively, the science, principles, and techniques of advanced adhesive dentistry are known as biomimetic dentistry. Its applications have already improved modern dentistry in countless ways; it allows the dental professional to provide conservative, cost-effective, and predictable treatments to treat weak, fractured, and decayed teeth in a way that keeps them strong and seals them from bacteria invasion. Unlike traditional dentistry, biomimetic dental practices around the world have practically eliminated cutting teeth down for crowns, and destructive root canal treatments.

The Purpose of Biomimetic Dentistry

The basic biomimetic method is “less is more,” meaning removing less of the natural tooth structure during dental restorations. The core purpose of biomimetic dentistry is to study the natural properties of teeth and adequately restore damaged or diseased teeth while using innovative materials in a way to recreate the original look, strength, feel, and function of teeth. Naturally, teeth move, bend, and have physical dynamics of force that must be accounted for when re-building them. 

If a tooth is cracked or decayed, that tooth is susceptible to more severe problems like infection, cavities, root canal, or even tooth loss due to extraction. Biomimetic dentistry aims to address the concern immediately and strengthen the tooth before bacteria destruct the tooth and the root further; it can dramatically reduce the need to remove teeth or grind them down for crown, root canals, extraction, and other procedures.

a tooth with dentistry mirror standing next to each other

The Difference between
Biomimetic from Traditional Dentistry?

The difference comes in the degree to of natural and damaged tooth structure is removed during restoration placement and advanced bonding materials and techniques being used. 

In traditional dentistry, all damaged tooth structures and some of the healthy parts around them are drilled out, and toxic silver amalgam filling or composite resin was placed. 

In biomimetic dentistry, only a minimum amount of decayed materials is removed and replaced with virtually invisible restoration made with a polyethylene fiber followed by the application of the most advanced bonding materials that seals the restoration more; thus, there is a less future risk of infection. Biomimetic dentistry has an extremely high success rate in breaking the root canal cycle due to resilient materials being used that seal the tooth from infection. 

In traditional dentistry, a conventional dentist may restore a damaged tooth with a dental crown, but a biomimetic dentist will take a more conservative approach and will try to place inlays only if the size of decay or fracture allows. 

The concept of biomimetic treatments compared to more traditional methods can result in greater longevity of the natural dentition. 

The Advantages of Biomimetic Dentistry

Some of the main advantages of biomimetic dentistry include: 

Risk of No Treatment, Waiting, or Delaying Treatment

Biomimetic restorative dentistry is founded on five basic concepts:

  1. Maximum Bond Strength & Strengthening of Tooth Structure– biomimetically restore a tooth to function and handle stresses like an intact natural tooth by using modern materials and techniques such as a strong bond.
  2. Long-Term Marginal Seal – to establish and maintain a strong and secure bond and tooth structure while delaying the re-treatment cycle. The longevity of restoration can be done by reducing the C-factor which is the percentage of bonded to unbonded surfaces in tooth preparation. 
  3. Increased Pulp Vitality – Maintaining a highly bonded seal to establish long-term function without recurrent decay, fractures, or pulp deaths. 
  4. Decreased Residual Stress – Repairing or eliminating cuspal deformation debonding, gaps, cracks, pain, sensitivity, and recurrent decay to decrease residual stress.
  5. Removal of Pathology

The Conditions That Can Be Treated
with Biomimetic Techniques?

With conservative and preventive biomimetic materials, techniques, and protocols, we can treat, reduce, restore, and even eliminate a range of dental problems:

Why Choose Us?

Our Dentists Are One Reason We Are Simply Better

Graduated from UCLA and UCSF, Dr. Horiyat is a premier biomimetic, holistic, biological, integrative, physiological, conscious cosmetic dentist who is commonly considered the ideal choice for patients seeking the finest and most conservative dental restorations; she also practices homeopathic (Alternative Medicine for Oral Care) and biomimetic dentistry. Dr. Horiyat’s credentials, advanced training, reputation, exceptional experience, treatment methods, artistic ability, flawless results, and biological and biomimetic approaches position her as one of Orange County’s top biomimetic dentists. Dr. Horiyat is one of the top certified and accredited members of well-known associations such as IAOMT, IABDM, and HDA; she is commonly considered the ideal dentist for patients who are seeking natural, safe, non-toxic, and conservative treatments. 

Dr. Horiyat uses only highly advanced and biomimetic materials that have proven clinical success; she has also integrated many advanced and modern technologies such as digital x-rays, panoramic x-rays, laser cavity detection system (No X-ray Technology), natural oxygen/ozone therapy, a painless computerized anesthetic system with no syringe (WAND), digital bite analysis (T-Scan), 3D cone beam CT-scan, laser technology, digital dental impression, and sedation options in her modern office. 

Dr. Horiyat utilizes these state-of-the-art technologies to:

Our Modern Technology

The materials used in the biomimetic approaches have been invasively researched and have over 25 years of proven clinical success. 

However, it’s important to understand that not just any dentist performs biomimetic restorations. Unlike traditional restoration methods, biomimetic dentistry will take a dentist more time to complete, and few than 1% of dentists have received the necessary training.

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