Mercury Free Dentistry, 7 Benefits You Never Heard Before

Mercury Free Dentistry

If you seek dental care free of potential mercury risks from amalgam fillings, then you should consider being treated through mercury free dentistry. Such dentists use white, BPA-free resin fillings that also match the natural color of teeth and do not contain any toxic metals.

This is part of an overall metal free dentistry drive, which seeks alternatives to porcelain fused to metal (PFM) or gold crowns and bridges. Holistic dentistry advocates for the use of safe materials such as ceramic and zirconia in making crowns & bridges as well as zirconia dental implants while still preferring those white resins mentioned before (which are also long lasting). Your dental well-being will be more secure if you choose this path over others.

Are mercury fillings dangerous?

Amalgam fillings which are also known as mercury fillings have been in use for more than a century because they are cheap and durable. Nevertheless, there are concerns about their safety that are being raised more often. The main problem is the presence of mercury, which is a heavy metal that can be harmful to humans in certain forms and amounts. When these fillings wear out or face friction from chewing, they can release small amounts of mercury vapor hence people may get exposed to mercury over time especially during extensive or continuous use.

In order to address these worries, many dentists along with their patients advocate for dentistry without mercury. Instead of amalgam fillings, holistic dentists such as Dr. Maryam Horyiat use different materials such as composite resins, ceramics, zirconia and glass ionomers among others. These materials are preferred because they do not contain any mercury nor do they have any associated risks with its usage . Additionally these alternatives provide more advantages over them. For example, composite resins can be shaded to match closely with natural tooth color thus giving better aesthetic results than the silver appearance of amalgam fillings.

The shift towards mercury free dentistry has been informed by increasing research findings coupled with raising health and environmental concerns. Many countries across the globe are taking measures to either minimize or completely do away with dental amalgam use altogether. Apart from potentially harmful effects avoidance, this transformation also supports broader environmental objectives given that mercury contamination is a worldwide problem. Patients who go for mercury free dental treatments should expect safer and greener care systems.

The FDA and Mercury Fillings

A press release put out by the FDA in September 2020 states that mercury fillings are more dangerous for some people than others. According to them, health compromised individuals might suffer more harm from continuous intake of smaller amounts of this toxic substance in the body over time. These groups are as follows:

  • Women who are trying to get pregnant
  • Pregnant women and their unborn babies
  • Mothers who breastfeed, as well as newborns and infants themselves
  • Children at a young age, particularly those under six years old
  • People diagnosed with pre-existing conditions involving the nervous system like multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease
  • Those suffering from kidney failure or any other form of renal impairment
  • Individuals known to have a high sensitivity (allergy) towards mercury or its compounds used in dental amalgam restorations

How Safe Is Mercury Free Dentistry

It is widely known that mercury is one of the most toxic metals on earth. It is a neurotoxin that can cause a range of health problems, from tremors and insomnia to memory loss and kidney failure. Dental amalgam, which is composed of about 50% mercury, has been used in fillings for more than 150 years. 

The World Health Organization, along with the United Nations Environmental Programme, has called for a global phase-down of dental amalgam use. They advocate for the use of mercury free alternatives such as composite resins, glass ionomer cement, zirconia and ceramics. “Although dental amalgam has proven to be safe over its 150-year history, concerns have been raised over the release of mercury vapor from the fillings,” the FDA states on its website. 

These alternatives not only lack toxic mercury but they also have additional benefits like better bonding capabilities, more biocompatibility with teeth structures as well as being more aesthetically pleasing due to their ability to be made tooth-colored and so closely match natural teeth. 

Before any attempt is made at removing mercury fillings from one’s mouth, it is essential for them first to be tested using a biological monitoring device capable of detecting mercury in all of its known forms, indicating the level exposure and assessing whether removal would be contraindicated due this person’s unique genetic, epigenetic profile. 

With these guidelines in place alongside those put forward by organizations such as International Academy for Oral Medicine and Toxicology – a.k.a IAOMT, which are designed specifically for dental practitioners who wish to become proficient in their procedures so as not only safely remove amalgam but also provide proper approved replacements that offer good long-term prognosis tightly adhere FDA protocol themselves. While remaining fully compliant with other relevant national codes, IAOMT certified dentists such as Dr. Maryiam Horyiat adhere to these guidelines to achieve the highest level of safety possible with current technology. 

Safe Amalgam Removal Technique (SMART)

Safe Amalgam Removal Technique (SMART)

As a person with good dental health awareness, the first step you need to take in order to become a mercury free dental patient is to look for a dental center such as Aria Dental to remove any mercury currently present in your mouth. The most effective method for this is Safe Amalgam Removal Technique – a.k.a SMART!

The SMART or Safe Amalgam Removal Technique is a method used to safely remove mercury amalgam fillings with minimal exposure to mercury vapor and particulate matter. It should be used by people who want to have mercury free dentistry. It is important because it protects the patient and the dental professionals involved during the transition from fillings that contain mercury.

SMART—the Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique—was developed to create an environment that would minimize exposure to both the patient and the dental staff. A patient’s exposure to mercury vapor and particulate matter can be reduced by at least 50% with the SMART. 

To increase safety during the procedure, there are several things that should be done as per the SMART protocol. Firstly, a complete protective environment is set up that includes high volume suction devices, rubber dams and special air filtration systems to trap and contain mercury vapor. Patients are often given an external air supply or mask that covers their nose and mouth so that they don’t breathe in contaminated air, reducing the risk of inhaling mercury vapors even further. Also, dental staff wear protective clothing like masks and face shields to ensure they are not exposed.

It is essential for mercury free dentistry to consider both patients’ welfare as well as those working in the dental care centers hence why Smart Technique plays such a big role within this field too. Dentists can remove old amalgam fillings following these guidelines then replace them with safer alternatives such as composite resins or ceramics which do not contain any mercury. This thorough process eliminates any worries about being exposed to this harmful substance while also promoting an environmentally friendly approach towards dentistry. 

As more individuals recognize these advantages associated with mercury free dentistry there has been increased adoption rates on such practices including SMART among many others thus signifying its wider acceptance within the dental industry based on people’s general wellbeing.

Final Words

If you have ever been treated with mercury fillings, it is now time to have those removed by an IAOMT certified dentist and open yourself to the world of mercury free dentistry. Aria Dental in Orange county is the one of the places you can head over to and have your mercury fillings removed in no time through SMART.

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