Discover the Benefits of Ozone Therapy

Have you ever heard of ozone therapy? At the holistic dentist clinic of Aria Dental in Laguna Niguel and Mission Viejo, this is commonly practiced in order to effectively kill bacteria as an alternative to toxic substances like fluoride. Most people don’t know that ozone is a natural and powerful gas that can help block sunlight rays that cause cancer. For many cities in the United States, ozone can be used to sterilize fruits, vegetables, and public water systems. It’s also used to purify swimming pools, spa baths, and commercial laundries. So, how can this natural gas be used to improve oral health?

When under a medical expert’s careful control, ozone can be used to eliminate microorganisms like fungi, viruses, and bacteria. In fact, our bodies will naturally produce traces of this gas at the white-cell level to fight against infections. Further research and innovation in technology have allowed the dentist like Mariyam Horiyat DDS in Mission Viejo to adopt this holistic and effective practice. Ozone therapy, otherwise known as oxygen therapy, utilizes the ozone molecule (O3) to create a powerful reaction beneath the surface of teeth. This can ultimately remove bacteria in early decay, stop dental cavities from forming, and repair the tooth through a process called accelerated remineralization. Ozone’s effectiveness in dental care has been involved in over a hundred studies and millions of patients have benefited from this method. One of the best things about ozone/oxygen therapy is that it has no side effects and no toxicity. 


A fluoride-free dentist in Laguna Niguel and Mission Viejo like what is being practiced by Dr. Mariyam Horiyat offers ozone therapy in order to treat tooth sensitivity and infections in the mouth. While, in the past, fluoride was used to kill bacteria and protect tooth enamel, further studies have shown that fluoride has toxic properties which put dental patients at risk. Ozone therapy has presented a viable, non-toxic alternative to fighting tooth decay and any oral health complications that come along with it. Patients appreciate that this process prevents serious decay-causing issues from forming and ultimately saves them money in the long run.

Unlike other methods of killing bacteria, ozone therapy punctures below the surface. This means that this process can effectively halt early areas of decay and strengthen a patient’s overall oral health. The ozone molecule is unstable, meaning that it has a lot of energy that can be redirected toward eliminating harmful microorganisms and neutralizing acidic waste below the surface of the tooth. Since acidity can be controlled, cavities are not able to continue growing and healthier bacteria can replace damaging lactobacilli and streps. Ozone treatments may remove this acid niche for around two or three months at a time. This is especially helpful for those who are naturally more prone to cavities. When ozone/oxygen treatment is used to stop early decay, this allows minerals to return and heal the damage done. Plus, recent studies have shown that remineralized teeth are unlikely to experience the same type of decay. 

Ozone therapy can also be used to reduce canker sore pain, whiten teeth, promote healthy gums, accelerate healing from dental surgeries, and eliminate infections. Dentists all over the world are excited by the possibility of using ozonated water and oils to make mouth rinses and other dental products for oral health. Soon, this method may take over the market and replace outdated practices and products. If you are interested in the benefits of ozone therapy, then speak to your dentist about it and see what other holistic practices you can integrate into your dental care routine. 

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