Why Choose Ozone/Oxygen Therapy vs. Antibiotics with Drug Side Effects

Ozone/Oxygen therapy has been used in dentistry for a while now, helping with immune system activation, increased circulation, elimination of pathogens, and restoring proper oxygen metabolism. It is known as a medical practice with therapeutic effects in treating gum disease, root sensitivity, and dental decay.

Ozone Therapy

Ozone has been applied as a strong antimicrobial agent in medicine and dentistry. This chemical compound consists of three atoms of oxygen and acts as a powerful oxidizer to kill bacteria and viruses, while interacting as an immune modulator as well.

Ozone is an unstable gas with extremely strong oxidative properties that delivers benefits to living organisms through the release of nascent oxygen. An ozone generator simulates lightning which protects us with the help of oxygen metabolism and disruption of tumor metabolism. Ozone is also used to purify water and sterilize medical instruments.

Why Choose Ozone/Oxygen Therapy vs. Antibiotics with Drug Side Effects

Ozone Therapy in Dentistry

Ozone therapy can be applied for different dental indications. You can benefit from this procedure in:

Oral medicine

Ozonated water and oil can both beat tissue lesions such as cuts, cysts, wounds, Herpes, Cheilitis, Aphthae, and Candidiasis.

Oral surgery

Ozone can be used after a tooth extraction or other surgical procedures to irrigate the treated area. Ozonated water or oil acts by reducing the positively charged wounds thanks to its negative charge. This method helps with faster healing of the wound.

Prophylactic applications

Ozonated water can be employed against infections that develop after tooth extractions or dental implants. Bacteria can be more easily destroyed after contact with ozone. There is an increase in the phagocytosis performance of polymorphonuclear cells in the presence of ozone.


Ozone can also be used for discoloration by lightening the yellowish crowns of root canal-treated teeth. This method gives you a more youthful smile through fast bleaching.

Root canal

Ozone can be helpful for the disinfection of the root canals.

Dental plaque

Ozonated water is effective in destroying bacteria in plaque and controlling oral infectious microorganisms in dental plaque.

Root scaling

The pockets can be rinsed with ozonated water before the process of root scaling to reduce the initial pathogenic load.

Dental implants

You can prevent Periimplantitis with the help of Ozone. It can help with the decontamination of the implant surfaces.

Why Choose Ozone/Oxygen Therapy vs. Antibiotics with Drug Side Effects

Ozone Therapy vs. Antibiotic Therapy

When it comes to dental conditions, antibiotics can offer a lot to prevent oral bacteria from spreading during a dental procedure and also to minister infections that other methods cannot treat. Oxygenation can help in decreasing infectious necrosis as effectively as antibiotic therapies. Ozone gas is also a practical antibacterial agent, and you can benefit from this method to prevent antibiotics side effects such as nausea, diarrhea, dehydration, and stomach pain which may also result in other problems. Although antibiotics may help with many dental issues; they are sometimes one part of the solution. Other dental procedures may be required for many tooth infections and that is when you can benefit from Ozone/Oxygen therapy. You can also apply this method as an alternative to keep the infection from spreading without suffering from the side effects of Antibiotics.

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