7 Common Myths About Dental Implants

Common Myths About Dental Implants - cost of dental implants

Making the decision to opt for a dental implant is often not an easy one, especially with all the information and myths about dental implants that is scattered across the internet. One simple search and you’ll see there are numerous professionals who are highly encouraging while others seem to be pushing you towards alternative treatments. But who is right and who is wrong? If that has remained a question that is yet to be answered for you, you need to know that there is no easy answer to your question.

There are a large number of factors when it comes to choosing just the right treatment for you but if you are in the market for getting dental implants and your dentist has already confirmed it as a necessary treatment, DO NOT miss out on visiting this page (click here) to learn all there is to know about what dental implants are and why you should always opt for zirconia implants.

Or you can watch the video below and hear all the facts from Dr. Horiyat herself!

Having said all that, there will still be people out there who are going to try changing your mind without knowing what they are referring to are essentially only myths that have been spread throughout the internet. Let’s take a look at 7 of the most important ones.

Myth 1: Implants Will Cost An Arm & A Leg

Common Myths About Dental Implants - cost of dental implants

So the first and probably most common myth about dental implants is that they are just too expensive! This often comes from those who haven’t even personally experienced the treatment. It is no secret that some treatments may be a little more expensive than others, which is quite common across all medical services, however, dental implants are not considered expensive in dentistry by any standards. In fact, if done correctly by an experienced professional, they offer  amazing return on investment!

Some of the factors that may affect your final cost are the brand of the dental implant, the number of implants you need to get, the experience of your doctor and the level of invasiveness of the procedure.

No one might have told you before but a large number of insurance companies tend to partially or fully cover the cost of your dental implants. To get information on this, make sure you contact your insurance company.

Myth 2: It’s Better To Do A Root Canal Than Get An Implant

This second one is probably the most misleading among all of the common myths about dental implants. What everybody knows is that it’s always better to try and keep the tooth than to extract it and replace it completely right? The answer is NO! That is absolutely wrong. Let’s dig into this and see why that is absolutely not the case.

Holistic dentistry has proven that root canal therapy has numerous disadvantages which often lead to bigger more serious oral issues. Furthermore, when considering all the headaches root canal therapy will bring for the patients over time, it is apparent that it is not even cheaper in the long run. Some of these issues include severe infections, bone loss, accumulation of unwanted materials such as cholesterol crystals, unbearable pain and even numbness.

Check out the video below by Dr. Horiyat to learn about other cons of root canal therapy.

Myth 3: Implant Surgery Is Painful And Invasive

Gone are the days of painful dental treatments. Today, even conventional dentists are equipped with a wide array of anesthesia tools and equipment in their arsenal.

Although surgery is necessary for dental implants, the process is performed as an outpatient. In addition, the procedures and technology used now make receiving an implant simpler than before.

In order to keep patients comfortable during implant surgery, anesthesia is very frequently employed. Oral sedation is a tool your dentist may use to help you relax during the process. Local anesthetic, or numbing medicine, is sufficient to perform the typical dental implant procedure. Having said that, some patients would rather have deeper sedation or nitrous oxide during their oral surgery. Neither the procedure nor the recovery are painful. It’s easier than getting a tooth extracted, according to most individuals.

But, while your body heals around the implant following surgery, you may feel some discomfort which goes away in a few days. Your dentist might prescribe painkillers to help you cope with the discomfort.

Here at Aria Dental, along with common sedation and anesthesia methods, we offer Oral Conscious and I.V. Sedation to help you better handle your dental anxiety. Dr. Horiyat has explained all you need to know about the matter in this video.

Myth 4: Dental Implants Are Noticeable

While this may sound like it is coming from a very skeptical person, it is actually a pretty common myth to hear going around. The reality is that a dental implant typically consists of 3 parts which are:

  1. The Post: This is the screw-like thing that is fixated into your jaw;
  2. The Crown: This is the dental crown that we all commonly know which replaces the tooth.
  3. The Abutment: This is a piece that is screwed inside the post and acts as a sitting foundation for the crown.

Now that we know about the parts of a dental implant, it is now apparent why this myth about dental implants is just that: A MYTH!

With a dental implant, provided it is done by a certified and professional dentist, the post and abutment of the implant are essentially hidden inside of your bone and gum structure and so the only part that is visible is the “Crown”; which is what we really want right? We want our lost tooth to be replaced with a new one and that is exactly what is happening with dental implants both mechanically and aesthetically!

Myth 5: Titanium And Zirconia Implants Are All The Same

They are NOT! After all there’s a reason why Aria Dental is known to be one of the best and most trustworthy holistic dental centers in all of California; that’s because we know how to keep our patients safe and sound away from all that metal toxicity.

There are countless studies out there showing that titanium, and in fact any other metal alloys, are very harmful when placed in the mouth in any form whatsoever. They cause countless irritations and immune system issues resulting in even bigger problems for the patients. Check out the video below to hear all the facts from Dr. Horiyat herself.

It is very unfortunate to see that the use of metal dental implants has become so common and that the biocompatibility benefits of zirconia implants are being neglected by such a large group of dental associates every day. Make sure to also check out this blog to learn more about zirconia implants.

Myth 6: Implants Only Have Cosmetic Effects

A large number of people falsely believe that dental implants are for cosmetic purposes only. That is a totally wrong statement and for good reasons. Loosing a tooth can prove rather problematic for your health and aesthetics may be at the very bottom of the list of your worries. That is why it is crucial for you to apply for a zirconia dental implant as soon as you have a tooth extracted.

One of the most important health issues that will definitely occur is the bone loss of your jawbone. As there is no tooth and root left in the jawbone after getting a tooth extraction, the density of your jawbone will start to diminish resulting in severe bone loss. Dental implants will help prevent this issue and reinforce your smile. Dental implants will also keep your smile in shape. When you loose a tooth, the adjacent teeth will start to lean in toward the empty space. This will result in having a crooked smile.

Myth 7: The Window For Getting An Implant Is Too Short

Yet another myth about dental implants is that once you have lost a teeth and given it a couple of months, there is no going back! There is no getting a dental implant! The opportunity is lost. That is an absolute myth. Allow us to explain why that is.

It is true that bone loss and smile deformation will begin quiet shortly after a tooth is extracted, but this is not something that is not reversible. There are a number of treatments that can help with strengthening your bone density such as our Jawbone cavitation treatments which you can check out by clicking here.

So make sure to consult your dentist before jumping to conclusions about this matter.

Bonus Myth: Myths About Dental Implants Are NOT Myths!

Now here’s a bonus! It is a fact that the myths you have just read in this article (or any other article) are actually myths but a large number of people believe that what is being called “Myths” not only in dentistry but, in any other field, is actually a concrete “Fact” that has gotten in the way of business and so they are being discarded as myths to get people to continue with their purchases.

What you need to know is that all the facts presented at Aria Dental are proofread by Dr. Horiyat herself and are backed by tons and tons of studies and data to make sure you are getting the most relevant and medically correct information to help you make better choices for your treatments.

Where To Next?

Now that you are fully aware of the most common myths about dental implants, it’s time to take the next step for your oral health and get in touch with our office to book your net checkup and implant consultation session. You can do so by clicking on the picture below or directly calling us using the call button at the top of this page.

If you have any questions, feel free to comment down below and we’ll get to it in no time!

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