Halloween Dental Tips; 9 tips for a mouth-healthy Halloween

Halloween Dental Tips; 10 tips for a mouth-healthy Halloween

Everybody loves Halloween for the sweets and the horror. However, sugar candies are not good for your teeth; you should remember this on that night. In this article, you will find a few Halloween dental tips that ensure both fun and dental hygiene. If you have children, you should warn them against eating too many candies. We will have a few suggestions for that, too. So, continue reading.

Eat Treats with Meals

If you plan to eat your treats on the night of Halloween, eat your meal with them or right afterward. Your saliva produced in these situations is enough to rinse the sugary food off your teeth, and there will be less chance for cavity-causing acids to ruin the enamel.

Brush Your Teeth Immediately

Halloween Dental Tips - Brush Your Teeth Immediately

It is very important and obvious, but many overlook this Halloween candy tip: You should brush your teeth after eating any food, including sticky or sugary ones.  If your child is not cooperative about brushing, rinse their mouth with water at least.

Don’t Snack on Sugary Treats

We understand it is very tempting to snack on Halloween treats, but we’re afraid we must advise against that. Snacking on sugary candies increases the risk of dental cavities. Choose low-sugar snacks such as nuts or fruits if you’re craving snacks.

Stay Away from All Things Sticky and Sour

Sticky and sour sweets are harder to clean and can damage your teeth more. So, dentists believe you should avoid sticky and sour treats, especially on Halloween night. Sour candies are high in dietary acids and can dissolve the enamel away.

Keep It to a Small Amount

Dark chocolate is the smartest choice among Halloween candies since it has a lower sugar level and doesn’t stick to your teeth. Yet, it is recommended to keep it to small amounts. The fact that some treats are less harmful doesn’t mean you can have them without limits.

Supervise Your Kids

Don’t forget that although baby teeth fall out, they still need care and attention. When Baby teeth are taken care of, the adult ones will have fewer troubles later. On Halloween night, you should pay extra attention to your children’s sugar intake and how well they brush their teeth.

Have Some Sugar-Free Gums

After eating sweets, you can chew sugar-free gums for twenty minutes, so more saliva is produced to wash away acids that cause dental cavities. Don’t forget to choose gums that have the ADA seal of acceptance.

You Don’t Have to Choose Candy

Halloween candy is not your only option if you are concerned about oral health. You can consider giving away stickers, crayons, or colored pencils. We recommend you have various giveaways to make both toddlers and teenagers happy.

Keep the Regular Dentist Appointments

Last but not least, never skip your dental appointments. These tips will be pointless if you don’t visit your dentist twice a year. You will enjoy Halloweens much more if you practice good oral hygiene and visit your dentist regularly.

halloween dental tips - Keep the Regular Dentist Appointments

Are You Looking for a Dentist?

Now that we have gone through Halloween dental tips, you might wonder how to find a dentist who ensures oral and overall hygiene. Aria Dental in Orange County, CA, is a holistic dental office that cares about how your body reacts to the treatment as much as the treatment itself. Contact us for an appointment for a consultation so our professional team can guide you through every treatment option.

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