Look for a SMART-Certified Dentist in Laguna Niguel

Traditional dental fillings are composed of a liquid mercury and metal alloy mixture. This dental amalgam was chosen due to its low cost and ease of application. However, more and more patients are becoming dissatisfied with metal-based fillings because of their toxic effects. According to Maryam Horiyat, DDS, a holistic dentist in Laguna Niguel and Mission Viejo, mercury amalgam fillings are not fully biocompatible, which means that any patient with these fillings may experience a negative body reaction as a result. In addition to this, mercury amalgam fillings can be damaged over time and can start to look unattractive due to wear and tear. Fortunately, there is a “smart” solution. 

If you are looking to get your mercury amalgam fillings removed, then you should seek a SMART-certified dentist in Mission Viejo and Laguna Niguel. SMART stands for Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique. This method was developed by the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology or IAOMT. Their process for safely removing these toxic fillings include:

  • Separating amalgam waste from the general waste
  • Using filtration systems to increase airflow and displace potential mercury fumes
  • Assigning protective gear (including face shields, hairnets, and gloves) to patients and staff to ensure that mercury does not adhere to the body or clothes
  • Fitting an oxygen mask on the patient during the procedure to prevent inhalation of mercury vapor 
  • Using the correct face masks to filter mercury particles
  • Using a dental dam and suction tool to collect any escaping vapors and particles (to prevent them from being inhaled and ingested)
  • Using the right tool to remove the amalgam in the biggest pieces possible
  • Creating a charcoal slurry for the patient to absorb toxic chemicals in the case that any were accidentally swallowed 


The reason it is so important to choose the right dentist for this removal process is that there is a great risk of vapor emissions. According to the FDA, mercury amalgam fillings pose a risk to both the patient and oral health professionals when damaged. When inhaled, mercury can have toxic effects on the immune system, digestive system, lungs, kidneys, skin, eyes, and nervous system. The World Health Organization considers mercury as one of the top ten chemicals that pose a major health risk for the public. A SMART-certified dentist in Laguna Niguel and Mission Viejo like Maryam Horiyat DDS of Aria Dental can help alleviate your concerns by following this safe, detailed process to break down the material. 

The next time you need a filling, be sure to find a holistic dentist that offers metal-free composite resins. Not only are these materials non-toxic, but they blend in well with teeth due to their natural color. Patients love that composite resin lasts longer than metal-based fillings and also strengthens the structure of the tooth. With the help of a bonding agent, metal-free fillings are durable and polished-looking. They are made to stop tooth decay more effectively, thus preserving both your oral health and overall health. 

Trade out your old, metal-based filling for something better. With a holistic and SMART-certified dentist, your mercury amalgam fillings will be gone before you know it so you can take control of your health. Contact Aria Dental at (949) 364-9600 to learn more about the importance of non-toxic dental fillings.

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