The Best Way to Make Your Child Comfortable with the Dentist in Mission Viejo, Ca

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Many parents understand that children can be anxious about dentist appointments, especially for those who are not familiar with the process of dental check-up. A new environment with new people and strange-looking instruments can be particularly jarring for a young kid. However, it is also necessary for children to have good dental health. This is why it is so important for parents to strategize to make these appointments a positive experience. With these tips, parents can help their children become comfortable with the dentist in Mission Viejo Ca.

There are a few different reasons that children can be uncomfortable with dentist appointments. The first is that they have not become accustomed to the environment. Dentist offices may look foreign to a child, especially with so many people that they have never seen before and are not sure they can trust. Another reason that children do not like dentists is that they do not like being forced to sit for so long with their mouth open. Many children can become restless from inactivity and do not want to be controlled by strangers. Other children are more fearful of the dental instruments, sitting in the reclining chair, and the idea of being pinched or prodded in an uncomfortable way.

Sometimes, it’s just a matter of time for a child to become comfortable with the environment, dentist staff, and routine procedure. However, there are also some kids that have a harder time adjusting. So, wherever your child is on the spectrum, it is important to understand the best ways to make their experience at a dentist in Mission Viejo consistently positive.

One way that you can improve your child’s experience is to choose a pediatric dentist in Mission Viejo. Pediatric offices are specifically designed for children, and the staff has experience dealing with more anxious patients. Pediatric dentists are trained a few extra years in order to customize their practices to sensitive children.

Another thing that parents can do to transition their children to attend the dentist in Mission Viejo Ca is to start their check-ups early on. Many experts suggest getting your children into the dentist as soon as their teeth begin to grow in. This strategy gives many children the time they need to become comfortable with the new environment. Since most kids just need time to adjust, this method will allow for a slow introduction to dentist check-ups. This will also allow time for the child to develop a positive, trust-based relationship with their regular dentist and the nursing staff that they see around. Another reason for taking your child to the dentist early is to ensure that any potential issues are dealt with before they become real problems. This minimizes the need for more lengthy, and potentially uncomfortable, appointments in the future.

Before taking their children to the dentist, parents also have the option to set an appointment just to introduce the dentist’s environment and the staff. At these appointments, children have the opportunity to become more familiar with the dentist without having the pressure of also completing their exam. This way, children can come back the following day feeling more confident in the whole process.

In some cases, it might be a good idea for parents to hold their child’s hand or even have them sit on their lap while they are having their teeth checked. It helps to have that parental comfort while they are being examined by a dentist in Mission Viejo Ca.

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During the exam, it is important for parents to let the dentist do most of the talking. While some parents may feel the urge to distract their child, it is best for children to get used to the way that a check-up will normally run.

One thing that can be especially helpful to get children comfortable with the dentist is to have a consistent doctor. Once children are familiar with a certain face, it makes their experience much more positive. They know what to expect and they know that they trust the person who is examining their mouth. When children can associate a friendly face with the dentist, this will make their appointments much more enjoyable. They may even be excited to go to the dentist if they really like the person.

Some children find it difficult to get through a dentist appointment without gagging. However, this is less of a physical issue than it is a mental one. Often, children just need to be encouraged by patient staff and get used to the process of having their mouth worked on. X-rays can sometimes prove a challenge for children as well so it is best to consult with the dentist before this procedure is decided on.

Many pediatric dentists will have TVs playing movies or shows for kids and will also have a small stock of books, magazines, and toys. These are excellent distractions to make your child happy while they are waiting for their exam. Offices will also sometimes have pictures on the walls for children to look at or music playing while they are getting their teeth worked on. Make sure you scope out the office and make sure that your child will be comfortable for the duration of their exam. You can always request for the dentist to let your child listen to music or books on a smartphone with earbuds. This little detail may make the experience that much more enjoyable for your child.

The best thing to remember is that children can pick up on the energy around them. If there are other nervous patients around, this can make your child feel more anxious. As the parent, you must lead by example by exhibiting a calm, confident demeanor. Once your child sees that you are not nervous for them, they will start to feel better about the whole experience. Part of this method includes filtering out any unnecessary horror stories about the dentist. Your child may hear stories from other friends and family that make them nervous about their own dentist appointment. It is best to block out these concerns by not exposing them to stressful stories.

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