Preparing Your Teeth for Thanksgiving

preparing your teeth for thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is an excellent occasion to celebrate with your loved ones with a lot of food. However, if you are not careful about your dental care, it might have a negative effect on your oral hygiene. This article will help you prepare your teeth for Thanksgiving and give you tips about what to eat and what not to eat on that night. So, continue reading.

Three Steps for Preparing Your Teeth for Thanksgiving

There are ways you can prepare your teeth for Thanksgiving. If you have stained or misaligned teeth, here is what you need to do before the special night:

Get Refreshed and Ready

Regular dental cleaning can prevent severe problems in your teeth or gum. We recommend a holistic approach that utilizes ozone and laser therapy, which is entirely safe for you and your body. In holistic dentistry, you can have regular cleaning, deep cleaning, or gross debridement.

Brag with Your Smile

Professional teeth whitening can significantly boost confidence and make you shine at the Thanksgiving dinner. These services are perfect for extrinsic stains caused by drinks, smoking, fruits, or vegetables. The agents used in this procedure dissolve the stain off your enamel.

Align Your Look

Invisalign® is a removable and invisible retainer that is computer-designed for your specific needs, and requires the minimum number of dentist appointments after you receive your treatment. Opt for Invisalign® before Thanksgiving so you can fascinate everyone at the table.

How to Keep It Healthy at the Thanksgiving Table

If you want to maintain oral health while you enjoy eating all day with your friends and family, this part will help you navigate healthy choices. To sum it up: less sugar, starches, and acidic food. More veggies, water, and tea.

Reduce Sugar

Preparing Your Teeth for Thanksgiving - reduce sugar

There is a lot of sweet and delicious food on the Thanksgiving table, but you should restrain yourself since sugar causes cavities and is a significant threat to your dental hygiene. Don’t forget to drink water and brush after eating anything sweet to wash it off your teeth.

Avoid the Starches

We’re afraid cornbread and stuffing also turn into sugar. The bacteria in your mouth feed on this sugar and cause cavities, just like when you eat sweets. Swap these with protein or veggies, and drink a lot of water.

Less Acidic and Bright Color Foods

Foods with bright colors, such as red wine, cranberry sauce, and cherry pie, might dull your enamel. Acidic foods also soften your teeth and give bacteria-causing cavities a chance to wreak havoc on your teeth. If you want to brush your teeth after any acidic food, wait at least 30 minutes so the toothbrush won’t damage your enamel.

More Nuts and Veggies

Instead of sugar and acidic foods, go for vegetables full of Vitamin C and calcium, because they help keep your gum and teeth healthy. Nuts also contain calcium, which helps with remineralization. On top of this, chewing raw veggies and nuts encourages more saliva production, which washes the bacteria away.

Hydrate and Hydrate

Preparing Your Teeth for Thanksgiving - drink more water

Our last tip is to drink tea and water. You should drink a lot of water to wash out the bacteria and help you with digestion. Green and black tea are also great agents for fighting cavities. Combine these two, and you can enjoy many toothache-free Thanksgiving meals.

Check Up with Your Dentist

Though this article has given you tips on preparing your teeth for Thanksgiving, you still need a check-up with your dentist. If you are looking for a holistic and biological dental center in Orange County, CA, Aria Dental provides every service you could possibly need. Contact us for a consultation so our professional team can help you with every concern in a calm and friendly atmosphere.

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