The Arty Side of Dentistry Has an Eye on Your Smile

Your smile plays an important part in how you feel about yourself. As such, it is a big deal if you are trying to hide your smile in public. Luckily, you have the opportunity to do something about it, thanks to the smile-rejuvenation technology.

Your Smile Says A Lot About You.

If you never show off your teeth in pictures, you are not alone. Many Americans avoid smiling because they do not like what they see in the mirror. But smiling is an essential part of a human’s daily life. It is a significant physical feature of our species and can affect our confidence.

To Smile With Confidence, Your Teeth Need To Be in Good Shape.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is an integral part of your overall image, and your smile profoundly impacts your appearance. Though you cannot do much to stop the effects of teeth grinding, you can significantly prevent other related issues with a routine dental care at any age.

Your teeth are the foundation for your smile. The rest of your face will be affected when this foundation begins to shake. Cracked, chipped, or missing teeth can make you look older than you are, with sagging lips and wrinkled skin around your mouth.

Your smile also ages as you get older. Based on Harvard Health, approximately three forth of the people over the age of 65 have much higher rates of gum disease, dental decay, mouth infections, and tooth loss. Here are some common problems causing your smile to age not as well as you are hoping it would:

  • Yellow Teeth

The dentin inside the tooth yellows when the enamel wears down. Yellowing can also occur as a result of staining caused by acids in certain foods.

The Arty Side of Dentistry Has an Eye on Your Smile
  • Dry Mouth

A dry mouth is a change brought about by old age. As you age, the glands in your mouth produce less saliva. Certain health medications could also cause dry mouth, which may lead to bad breath, bacterial growth, tooth decay, cavity formation, and difficulty chewing and swallowing.

  • Shifting Teeth

Your teeth gradually shift with age as the bones of the upper and lower jaw weaken. Generally, this change occurs slowly and can be corrected without invasive procedures.

  • Wear and Tear

Your teeth are impressively strong but not invincible. Years of chewing and shredding can wear down the protecting coating of your teeth, making them more susceptible to different conditions. And since the nerves in your teeth begin to lose sensitivity with age, you may not feel the need for dental check-ups until the issue becomes serious.

  • Oral Cancers

Older people are at a much greater risk of developing oral cancer. Common signs of oral cancer are changes in the color, sensitivity, and size of the lips, gums, tongue, and mouth lining.

  • Gum Recession

Your gums might recede with age, making your teeth seem longer and misshapen.

The Arty Side of Dentistry Has an Eye on Your Smile
  • Periodontal Disease

A periodontal disease, a dental condition caused by an accumulation of plaque and bacteria between teeth and gum, is often preceded by gingivitis. This disease can lead to teeth shifting, jawbone deterioration, reduced gum, and tooth loss.

Anti-aging Dentistry Is More than Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry has become very popular, using the latest dental materials. It is performed after thoroughly comprehending your dental condition and clear communication on the action plan. This form of dentistry has been a popular method of altering your smile, possibly making you look much younger.

Cosmetic dentistry mainly concentrates on enhancing the appearance of your smile but doesn’t have much to do with improving your entire face. Anti-aging dentistry has taken responsibility for this! It applies modern techniques and treatments to promote a beautiful, youthful appearance while enhancing the shape of your face and changing how your teeth support your facial structures.

Anti-aging dentistry utilizes cosmetic dentistry with another purpose, which is to make you look younger from forehead to chin. It delivers the most effective anti-aging solutions and enhances oral health. After discussing your preferences and concerns, different approaches will be offered to rejuvenate your smile, and you can take advantage of the one most suitable for you.

Zirconia Dental Implants, teeth whitening methods, mercury fillings removal, full-mouth reconstruction, TMJ correction, LANAP laser dentistry, non-surgical bite correction, sleep apnea treatment, and smile rejuvenation are among the solutions offered by anti-aging dentistry to allow you to enjoy a youthful appearance at any age.

The Arty Side of Dentistry Has an Eye on Your Smile

An Unblemished Appearance with the Right Side of Your Smile as a Mirror Image of Its Left

To analyze your smile, different beauty principles are applied. Clarity, symmetry, balance, and vivid color are the four critical factors that can affect the appearance of your smile meaningfully.

The color of your teeth is among the first features of your face noticed by others. Several biological approaches can be taken to have a set of white teeth. Holistic teeth whitening systems deliver what you need through a safe, easy procedure.

Your teeth, especially in the front, must be symmetrical to help you enjoy the experience of smiling. If that is not the case, you might need to undergo a smile contouring procedure to restore your balanced smile by shaping the edges of your teeth. The method of teeth contouring takes as little as 20 minutes but gives you as much as you need in a lifetime.

After the procedure you will notice that your face is more proportionate, and the size and shape of each tooth is in harmony with the adjacent teeth as well as with your overall facial features. You can restore your smile with the help of advanced, minimally invasive approaches such as composite bonding of your teeth.

Vividity also plays a crucial role in how you feel about your smile. No particular feature should stand out if you want a glowing smile. And a set of vivid teeth could give your face a vibrant, healthy glow that brings everything together.

SmileFast, A Ground-breaking New Product in Smile Design

SmileFast is a unique new system that combines the fundamental elements of modern cosmetic dentistry: orthodontics braces and ceramic composite veneers.

It allows you to imagine your intended new smile quickly, comprehend the process, and experience the smile-changing outcomes.

SmileFast has simplified the process by giving you the possibility to achieve the smile of your dreams, cutting out the time-consuming preliminary stages.

It begins with taking the relevant records and using the 3D-planning technology along with the unique SmileFast system before designing the perfect smile and discussing possible treatment alternatives.

The particular benefit of this system is that you can enjoy a custom-designed smile makeover for the six front teeth in just one application in less than an hour!

The Arty Side of Dentistry Has an Eye on Your Smile

A Smile Makeover Is an Investment Meant to Last.

A smile makeover is the process of enhancing your appearance and oral health through a series of dentistry procedures. First, an initial oral health assessment should be done. Your gum foundation, jaw, and teeth are observed using a combination of visual inspection and x-rays to make models of your teeth.

You can communicate your desire to help the dentist plan your customized treatment procedure. It would be best if you describe what you would like to change, provide detailed information about your medical history, and bring pictures of what you consider to be the ideal smile. Your makeover dentist will share some thoughts on how the elements of your desired smile relate to each other and how they are blended in with the face as a whole.

An essential part of designing a smile makeover is a comprehensive dental exam. Before the tooth restoration procedure, any disorders that may jeopardize a good outcome must be taken care of. Otherwise, the results will not last as long as they are supposed to.

If you have any tooth disorders, the underlying cause must be determined before undergoing any healing approaches. This is why smile rejuvenation procedures have an irreversible outcome.

Today, there is the possibility to preview the results of the smile-rejuvenation system with the help of computer imaging, 3-D models, and temporary restorations. You can see what the final results will look like and decide whether to go for it or not.

It Feels Great To Flash Your Restored Teeth.

Physical appearance has always had a great impact on social life, and having a symmetrical aesthetically pleasing smile has gained popularity. Digital smile design has recently become one of the most preferred approaches in aesthetic dentistry. It is performed with the help of developments in aesthetic dentistry.

Digital smile design involves a personalized aesthetic smile plan employing the digital software technology of dentistry in which your tooth structure and facial proportions are studied, and a perfect smile will be designed based on your personal needs. This way, you can achieve the most accurate harmony between your tooth structure, gums, lips, and face. Since each person has their own unique smile, they will benefit from this personalized treatment.

Digital smile design is present in every approach related to the teeth and mouth. It significantly affects tooth extraction, implant systems, and root canal therapy. Many procedures are involved in the digital smile design, including orthodontics, plastic surgery, and orthognathic surgery.

The structure of the jaw bones, mouth, teeth, and muscles should be considered while designing. Photographs of the teeth and mouth will be taken from different perspectives. Once your desired smile is created, you can see what your smile will look like looking through the computer system without undergoing a smile design operation.

The Arty Side of Dentistry Has an Eye on Your Smile

How Your Teeth Mesh Together Matters!

Based on the reports, so far there have no severe complications with a smile makeover. However, no dental procedure is risk-free, and smile rejuvenation is no exception. There may be minimal risks associated with each particular technique that your dentist will inform you of.

You are highly recommended to share your oral history and overall health condition with your dentist. Let your dentist know if you are in any specific personal situation, such as being pregnant or breastfeeding, and whether you are taking particular medications.

A Beautiful Smile Is Something People Notice At First Sight!

Improving your smile can dramatically rejuvenate your whole appearance. Complete smile makeover treatments have the capacity to improve self-esteem, boost confidence, improve jaw function, fix multiple tooth problems at once, and create long-lasting, potentially permanent results. These treatments also bring back the balance to your bite by re-aligning and restoring your teeth.

No matter what condition your teeth are in, we can support you with a combination of multiple approaches for a complete smile makeover. We have a full service office, covering everything from routine check-ups to complicated therapies like full-mouth reconstruction and smile makeovers, implementing modern dental technology to deliver quicker and safer results.

Our dentists are all certified, world-class biological dentists, experienced in aesthetic dentistry. They are committed to the highest standards and have already shown a remarkable success rate, being affiliated with top international holistic associations. We offer comfortable sedation solutions through biological, regenerative, and biomimetic approaches with the help of modern and innovative technology.

Smile rejuvenation will be an excellent method for you to turn back time and sweeten your smile, all without a single surgery. So, if you are thinking of enjoying such a quick solution, rest assured that we will not leave you before you confirm that you feel fully confident and satisfied to smile again.

All you need to do is contact our staff at Aria Dental whenever you are ready to discuss your concerns and desires, and you will not have to wait long before getting your refreshed smile.

The Arty Side of Dentistry Has an Eye on Your Smile

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