What is Ozone Dental Treatment?

The cosmetic dentist in Orange County explains that ozone dental treatment is a non-invasive, natural therapy for many routine dental issues. This therapy uses either pure ozone, ozonated oil, or ozonated water to safely kill microorganisms in the mouth and treat minor tooth decay. 

What are the Advantages of Ozone Treatment? 

The advantages of ozone treatment are getting rid of many dental issues such as periodontal disease, tooth sensitivity, and remineralization. Ozone can deal with many dental problems without painful or invasive procedures.

Contrary to many conventional treatments, the ‌‌best dentist in Orange County ‌uses ozone therapy because it’s non-invasive and painless. Your teeth and gums don’t have to be numbed to use it, and it doesn’t include any harmful chemicals that can adversely affect the immune system.

Not all dental practices perform ozone treatments but finding a dental office that provides ozone therapy can be very helpful. Ozone therapy is a very effective, delicate method to take care of teeth and gums.

How Does an Ozone Dental Treatment Work? 

The cosmetic dentist in Orange County uses ozone therapy in dentistry by applying either ozone gas, ozonated water, or ozonated oil to the patient’s mouth. After a few minutes, the ozone works to destroy pathogenic bacteria and decrease tooth sensitivity. 

In ozone dental treatment, the dentist begins by using an ozone generator machine to create ozone gas (O3) from oxygen molecules (O2). Ozone is a powerful oxidant that is antimicrobial and behaves as a disinfectant. Some treatments use the ozone gas on their own, while others combine the gas with water or oil to produce an ozone solution used in the treatment. The dentist administers the ozone gas or ozonated water to the patient’s teeth and gums, where it does the task at hand.

Throughout the treatment by the cosmetic dentist in Orange County, the oxygen atoms in ozone merge with the pathogens that result in cavities and periodontal disease. The oxygen oxidizes and destroys the harmful microbes in the mouth and stimulates the breakdown of the plaque biofilms that cause tooth decay. The upper hand that ozone treatment has is that it doesn’t harm healthy tissues. The body’s cells have antioxidants and free radical scavengers that battle the oxidative effects of ozone. Bacteria and other pathogens don’t have sufficient of these molecules, so the ozone destroys them.


How Strong Is Ozone Therapy Used In Dental Treatments? 

The amount of strength the ozone used in dental treatments revolves around the treatment and equipment used. Ozone gas is typically used in small quantities directly in the mouth. Ozonated water usually includes around 4 mg/L ozone.

Advantages Of Ozone Dental Treatment

There are many advantages of ozone therapy for dental health, including:

  • Eradication of Tooth Decay: Ozone therapy is the best method to treat mild tooth decay without causing pain and distress to the patient
  • Effective Remineralization: Ozone treatment effectively repairs and remineralizes weakened enamel, with or without an extra remineralizing solution.
  • Minimally Invasive: In many ozone dental treatments, ozone is applied directly to the outside of the tooth or gums. There’s no awful and scary drilling involved in ozone cavity treatment, which can bring much-needed relief to nervous patients.
  • Reduction of Tooth Sensitivity: Tooth sensitivity is usually caused by thin enamel. Since ozone therapy effectively repairs tooth enamel, it’s also an ideal way to treat sensitive teeth.
  • Canker Sore Treatment: Studies have revealed that ozone therapy can effectively treat and heal canker sores. It helps lessen the pain caused by canker sores, too.
  • Treatment of Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Pain: Ozone therapy can be a very effective natural treatment for TMJ pain.
  • Safe, Effective, and Natural: A vast number of dental treatments use toxic materials such as mercury amalgam fillings. Ozone is a molecule found in nature. Thus it easily breaks back down to O2 within minutes of your dentist applying it.
  • Fast Results: Since no numbing is required and the application of ozone takes just a few seconds, treatment time is reduced.

There are many uses and advantages that are associated with ozone for dental care. Furthermore, it removes the tooth structure and oral tissue damage that can arise with more invasive traditional treatments.


Is Ozone Therapy Safe? 

Ozone therapy has been around for some time. In fact, it has been in use since 1930, which is a lot longer than many other everyday medical treatments. When a trained professional carry out this procedure at appropriate concentrations, ozone therapy is very safe.  

Ozone therapy is commonly used in South America. The European Union has rigorous standards for medical treatments and has also given the green light for ozone therapy as an effective dental procedure. 


What Are The Side Effects Of Ozone Therapy? 

The most common side effects of ozone therapy are upper respiratory irritation and cough. Side effects are very unusual with dental ozone therapy. If you’re worried about side effects, speak to your holistic & biological dentist.

 Similar to many therapies, ozone therapy does carry a risk if it’s done incorrectly. If you inhale concentrated levels of ozone, it can irritate the throat and even cause lung damage. However, the likelihood of this happening in an experienced holistic dentist’s office is very rare.


What Is The Difference Between Ozone And Oxygen? 

The main difference between ozone and oxygen is that ozone is comprised of three oxygen atoms, and pure oxygen gas is composed of two. Oxygen is present in large quantities in the air we breathe, unlike ozone.


Is Ozone Dental Therapy Good For You?

Your oral health has a massive impact on your general health and wellness. Choosing natural, holistic dental treatment procedures is vital to stay clear of filling the mouth with toxins. Also, biological treatments can protect the health of the rest of your body too. For more information about Ozone Therapy, contact Aria Dental at (949) 364-9600 to make your next holistic dental appointment.


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