Benefits of Wisdom Teeth Extraction with L-PRF And Ozone Therapy

Thanks to advanced technologies, you can make the complex simple these days. Dentistry is no exception. It has employed modern techniques to make a revolution in your experiences with the dentist’s chair!

One of the most significant advancements can be found in wisdom teeth extraction, which not many have the chance of escaping. L-PRF and Ozone have come in to help!

Wisdom Teeth Extraction

As the last erupting teeth, your wisdom teeth do not usually have enough space to be in the correct position like the other teeth. They are sometimes impacted against another tooth or partly covered by the gums, which can lead to different dental issues. Your wisdom teeth can have a high risk of decay which sometimes occurs with no symptoms. Another issue is the development of cysts around your wisdom tooth when fluid fills the sack surrounding it. It is important to keep your wisdom teeth under review to prevent the development of severe symptoms. If left unattended, the decay of your wisdom teeth may get to the extent that their surrounding teeth or supporting bones have to be removed.

Your dentist may recommend an extraction if you have dental pain near the back of your mouth, develop gum disease or a cyst around a wisdom tooth, have decay in a wisdom tooth or damage to its nearby teeth or surrounding bone. This process can also be suggested as a preventative technique to reduce your risk for future oral problems.

Benefits of Wisdom Teeth Extraction with L-PRF And Ozone Therapy

What Are The Risks of Wisdom Teeth Extraction?

It is likely that you feel discomfort and swelling both on the inside and outside of your mouth after a wisdom tooth removal surgery. You may also find it difficult to open your mouth fully, or notice some bruising of the skin on your face depending on how difficult the wisdom tooth is to remove.

While most patients will recover fully with no serious problems, you may experience some issues once you remove a wisdom tooth:

  • Bleeding is normal at the time of the teeth removal. It will stop quickly by applying pressure over the extraction area.
  • Infection or dryness can occur in the socket after the process of teeth removal. Keeping the area clean with rinsing water can help with this issue.
  • Wisdom tooth removal rarely causes a significant weakening of your jaw which can lead to a jaw fracture.
  • Lack of blood supply is another issue developed due to a wisdom tooth extraction.

Wisdom Teeth Extraction with L-PRF

Leukocyte- and platelet-rich fibrin, known as LPRF is a newly developed platelet concentrate that has been employed for some surgical procedures to help with wound healing. This technique has been reported to also be able to encourage bone formation. The l-PRF system is clinically proven to deliver quicker healing after tooth extraction, reducing pain and controlling inflammation.

Platelet-rich fibrin therapy applies substances with strong therapeutic abilities circulating in your blood. With a high concentration of white blood cells and fibrin, it speeds up the healing process for a quicker recovery.

To create PRF, your blood is drawn into a centrifuge to separate the components into several layers including the PRF. Once the wisdom tooth is removed, extraction sites are left open to heal, which can be painful. In wisdom teeth extraction with L_PRF, PRF is injected directly into these sites and its clot will be placed in the socket of the tooth. The platelets make your body signal more healing factors to the extraction site to reduce post-extraction discomfort and accelerate the recovery process.

Benefits of Wisdom Teeth Extraction with L-PRF And Ozone Therapy

Wisdom Teeth Extraction with Ozone Therapy

Ozone (O3) is a natural form of Oxygen that is quite safe and non-toxic to human cells. It can corrupt infection by oxidizing the cell wall of disease-causing microorganisms. Ozone therapy is a technique applied by holistic dentistry in order to beat dental issues without damaging healthy tissues. This approach has been used for different conditions. One of the dental procedures which can benefit from Ozone therapy is wisdom teeth extraction surgery. Once a wisdom tooth is removed, dental ozone gas is placed into extraction sites, facilitating the healing of gum and jaw bones. It also kills bacteria, fungi, and other toxins hiding in the pores of bone cells.

Benefits of Tooth Extraction with L-PRF and Ozone Therapy

L-PRF therapy delivers lots of advantages after your wisdom tooth extraction. It is a non-invasive treatment that can offer you an easier recovery after the surgery with faster tissue healing, quicker comeback from tooth extraction, less swelling, and a lower risk of dry sockets. After a wisdom tooth extraction, the supporting bone may lack blood supply and can be notably sensitive to infection, which will delay the healing process. Ozone can be extremely helpful in this issue by preventing dry sockets.

Ozone can also be used to help treat infections that are conventionally treated through antibiotics. It can also help disinfect areas of your mouth after the tooth removal surgery. Ozone therapy will improve blood circulation and oxygen delivery to tissues in the treatment area, improve metabolism through oxygen delivery, and encourage your immune system.

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Benefits of Wisdom Teeth Extraction with L-PRF And Ozone Therapy

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