Acrylic vs Zirconia Dental Implants in Orange County

Unless you are a child, tooth loss is not fun. Thousands of Americans struggle to go about their daily lives and suffer low self-esteem because of lost or decayed teeth. Our teeth are crucial to mundane activities such as eating, talking, and smiling. When we don’t have a full mouth full of pearly whites, we feel less like ourselves. Fortunately, there is a solution in implant-supported bridgework. If you are lost in a sea of dental implants in Orange County, do not be concerned! We will help guide you through the process with our knowledge of the two most common materials for bridges: acrylic and zirconia. 

Acrylic bridges are created with a liquid resin that takes shape in a custom mold. Dentists use 3D imaging of your mouth to create this custom fit. Once the acrylic resin hardens, the dentist can add denture teeth on the top and attach the bridge to the implants. While these are an affordable option, they are not necessarily the most long-lasting. 

Zirconia provides a much stronger material for dental implants in Mission Viejo and the rest of Orange County patients. While made from zirconium dioxide, a metal composition, the material itself is ceramic. So, zirconia retains the strength of a metal-like substance while providing a completely metal-free, biocompatible base for implants. Dentists can use precision technology to cut a perfectly-sized bridge from the material and then hand-color it to match the patient’s natural teeth. 

The main difference between acrylic and zirconia bridges is their ability to withstand normal wear and tear. Acrylic bridges can crack, break, and become discolored from chewing food. Typically, acrylic bridges must be replaced every few years in order for the patient to fully enjoy them as a tooth replacement. Since this material stains so easily, patients must be careful to maintain the appearance with more focused cleaning regimens.


Oral care professionals agree that zirconia is the superior material. With a sturdier composition, zirconia can withstand the pressure of chewing food on a consistent basis. It is more resistant to fractures and chipping as well as long-term wear. Zirconia bridges can be fitted for minimal movement and stress on the implants themselves. Patients also prefer zirconia bridges because they look more like natural teeth, making them more pleasing to the eye. 

While acrylic bridges are less expensive, they require greater maintenance and frequent replacements. This can, in turn, waste money and increase frustration. Zirconia bridges are the better investment.

If you are in need of dental implants in Orange County, then you should consider all your options at a holistic dentist like that of Aria Dental.

Here are some of our top reasons for choosing zirconia bridgework: 

  • Zirconia bridges last longer than acrylic bridges and are ultimately the stronger material. They are difficult to break, crack, or chip.
  • Zirconia bridges look natural and feel great while acrylic can become discolored over time. 
  • Zirconia bridges are solid (instead of porous) which makes them easier to clean.
  • Zirconia bridges do not attract bacteria or plaque, thus lowering your chances of developing gum disease, tooth decay, or bad breath. 
  • Zirconia bridges can be custom fitted with CAD/CAM technology to achieve the ultimate comfort.

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  1. Michael Nixhols says:

    Hello: I am in need of Mar implants and then bridges. 5 teeth worth.
    My Naturopath likes the posts, the screw of the implant that goes into the bone to also be zirconia, porcelain.
    The DDS I know that do this are very expensive . If you do this what is your charge per tooth?
    Thank you

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