Attractiveness, Health, Self-esteem, and Intimacy, All On 4 Implants For The Spring Of Your Smile in 2022

Fail a part of yourself, and life is no longer the same. If you have lost any of your teeth, whether due to a disorder or perhaps an accident, you undoubtedly realize there are hidden consequences to living without them that affect your appearance and health. Your smile will not look the way you like it; eating, speaking, and intimacy will be challenging for you; and your self-confidence will fade. However, these are not the only impacts. When you have suffered tooth loss, you could lose your smile, appearance, and even your friends or your special someone.

If you miss most of your teeth or suffer from an ill-fitting denture, you no longer have to wait more than a day to get your perfect smile back, that is, if you welcome the life-changing solution to the problem: All on 4 Dental Implant!

Attractiveness, Health, Self-esteem, and Intimacy, All On 4 Implants For The Spring Of Your Smile in 2022

What Is The Concept Of An All On 4 Dental Restoration?

All On 4 Dental Implant is a fixed full-arch repair that uses a minimally invasive technique for high satisfaction. This long-lasting method can replace all your upper or lower teeth with just four implants and a fixed denture. The four implants are applied to act as a support mechanism for the placement of new fixed teeth set.

With the help of state-of-the-art technology, this treatment replaces traditional dentures, which can be uncomfortable and poorly fitted. Using the advanced technology, it is the stable, functional, and cosmetic solution you have been looking for which gives you a complete dental restoration.

What Are All On 4 Dental Implants?

All on 4 dental implants are a complete set of implants developed to replace your full upper or lower set of teeth. They act as a natural-looking alternative to dentures.

Each dental implant has a small titanium screw that is inserted into the gums to support the bridge of teeth. Then, a false tooth will be placed on the screw. It is not necessary to replace each lost tooth individually with this method. Instead, four titanium posts are applied to your jawbone as the main anchors, and a permanent denture will be attached to those four areas. A full arch rehabilitation requires six to eight implants to support a full fixed bridge for the conventional dental implant procedure.

What Is The Record Of The All On 4 Strategy?

While the vision of restoring a complete set of teeth, supported by fixtures, stood not a new one, the idea of assuming a 45° angle for the posterior implants was what resulted in the evolution of this restorative procedure.

From Portugal, Prof Paulo Malo, along with implant manufacturer Nobel Biocare, was among the first to recognize the potential treating advantages of the All On 4 restorative technique.

Backed financially by Nobel Biocare, he carried out a series of investigations to study the efficacy of this innovative approach in the 1990s and performed the first-ever All On 4 treatment in 1998.

Today, this modern technology is widely recognized as the superior solution for a full-arch teeth replacement.

Attractiveness, Health, Self-esteem, and Intimacy, All On 4 Implants For The Spring Of Your Smile in 2022

What Is The Strategy Of All On 4 Dental Implant Treatment?

All on 4 treatment is particularly popular because it does not make you go without teeth at any time because the entire procedure is delivered in just one day. It addresses a concern for anyone who has multiple missing teeth and can overcome the situation in just one day by returning upper and lower arch teeth. The replacement is conducted with a fixed bridge connected to your dental implants.

The treatment works by getting four implants embedded into the bone of the jaw. These four titanium metal posts will act as the new roots for your teeth, which will be fixed onto them. With this procedure, the posterior implants are inclined 45° towards the rear of the mouth and placed into a part of the jaw with higher bone density. This technique does not require the same density of the bone in order to secure the implant as other restorative approaches.

The implants are placed during a minor surgical procedure using local anesthetic and, after recovery, topped with a natural-like dental crown. Together, these precision components look, feel and function exactly like your natural teeth.

How Do All On 4 Implants Differ From Traditional Dental Ones?

All On 4 implants support a whole arch of teeth, while traditional implants allow a whole upper or lower jaw of teeth to be attached only in case of applying six to ten implants. In All On 4 dental treatment, just four implants are sufficiently angled at the back of the mouth, increasing the surface area.

What Is The Process Of All On 4 Dental Implants?

Before undergoing the treatment, you will be examined, and your medical history will be reviewed thoroughly. Once it’s confirmed that there is sufficient bone mass required to provide the anchor for the posts, it may be necessary for you to have x-rays or CT scans to receive the essential details. The process will succeed due to the in-depth planning done before the young implants are applied.

Before going for the procedure, a predictive model of your teeth will be made, which can be enhanced as you require.

Once the procedure starts, small cuts are made into the gums for hosting the titanium posts of the four implants. At this point, the implant will be equipped with a set of temporary teeth. When the bone has regenerated, and the wounds have healed, the final prosthesis will be affixed after around four to six months. The result that these dental implants give you will be both functionally and aesthetically indistinguishable from your natural teeth.

Why Would All On 4 Dental Implants Be Recommended?

The all On 4 dental implant is an excellent resolution to restoring full sets of teeth in one day. It is an ideal method for restoring your mouth to as close to its original state as possible. Many people revitalize their appearance with this innovative dental procedure, which allows you to enjoy the smile of a lifetime, offering several benefits:

  • The treatment is planned in a way so that your replacement can be fitted on the same day and your new smile is produced after only a few hours.
  • The sophisticated procedure of replacing your entire set of missing teeth is quick. It is performed in just one day through a single surgery, and, rather than having to suffer for months, can be achieved in just one day.
  • The implants are permanently fixed into your mouth, so they will not loosen or move like dentures tend to do.
  • The approach habilitates your entire set of teeth by using only four implants, so your treatment and recovery time is greatly reduced.
  • The treatment costs less than replacing each tooth individually. It is very affordable and cost-efficient even if you have inadequate jaw bone.
  • The treatment lowers the need for bone graft surgery. The employed implants are normally longer for those who have less bone which will avoid the necessity of bone grafting. You can take advantage of this technique even if you have been told you do not qualify for implants due to bone loss.
  • This solution is the best alternative there is to your original teeth.
  • There will no longer be such issues as wearing out, becoming loose, slipping, or causing friction on the gums while you eat or engage in conversation.
  • This solution can prove to be effective for complex cases for which no such useful method would have been possible previously.
Attractiveness, Health, Self-esteem, and Intimacy, All On 4 Implants For The Spring Of Your Smile in 2022

What Advantages Would ALL ON 4 Dental Treatment Have Over Other Solutions?

  • Immediate progress in the quality of life: the full restoration will quickly lead to observable outcomes which will improve your self-esteem.
  • Lower expenditure: The concept is the least costly in comparison with conventional implant treatments.
  • Strength: All on 4 dentures are made from Zirconium, known as the strongest dental material, giving the most natural look with less need for bone grafting. Besides helping a person without teeth look and feel great again, dental implants actually prevent bone loss because of their unique ability to fuse to the living bone. By actually becoming a permanent part of the jawbone, dental implants stabilize and stimulate the bone to maintain its density.

What Is The After Care For All On 4 Dental Implants?

It is not hard to care for your newly inserted implants. In fact, you need to take care of them just as you would take care of your natural teeth, by using a standard toothbrush and regular flossing. You will be recommended on how to maintain your implanted teeth. Regular checkups are suggested to make sure the implants are all fine.

Is All On 4 Dental Implant Treatment Going To Be Painful?

You will not feel pain during the course of an All On 4 treatment. After the procedure is finished, you may notice some discomfort, but it is virtually pain-free. Any distress will be gone in a couple of days, and most All On 4 implanted teeth will feel normal within a few days.

Who Can Be A Suitable Candidate For All On 4 Treatment?

The 3D image technology represents the best treatment plan for you, giving you the opportunity to have your jawbone density evaluated. Most of the people who discussed this new method came to be proper candidates for it.

What May Go Wrong With All On 4 Dental Treatment?

All on 4 dental implant treatment is a fantastic option for people of all ages who have lost multiple teeth. Most patients have been fully satisfied with their results, and the success rates are very high, exceeding 95%, the highest among any tooth-replacement option.

When Is All On 4 Dental Implant The Best Choice?

Today, people are more aware than ever of the benefits of this advanced restorative method, while several years ago most of them were unaware that such a treatment existed. Today, it is common for them to request this treatment, though they may not be sure if it is the best option to beat their dental loss.

A handful of different situations are good prospects to be addressed by All on 4 dental implants. It can be the best option once all or most of your teeth are lost, you need to remove all your teeth, or you have experienced bone loss.

All on 4 dental implants treatment is the most cost-effective approach to restoring an entire set of teeth. It is also a good choice for you if you are worried about dental procedures as it requires less surgery than if your individual teeth were to be replaced.

Attractiveness, Health, Self-esteem, and Intimacy, All On 4 Implants For The Spring Of Your Smile in 2022

What Is The Story Of All On 6 Dental Implants?

The All on 6 dental implant treatment is a variation of the All on 4 technique based on the same concept, but instead of four, it uses six implants, and is utilized to provide a stronger, more stable base for the dental arch, resulting in a longer-lasting, more comfortable smile.

Nowadays, everyone is looking for safer options when it comes to their health. If you would like to regain a complete smile after losing your teeth, the All on 4 dental procedure helps you maintain optimal oral function and aesthetics by giving you a natural-looking replacement that will change your life. Thousands of people like you have recovered full mouth functionality with this solution, also known as the same-day teeth replacement.

If a good smile has long been on your wish list, we are here to tell you that now is the right time to schedule a dental appointment. Call us for a dental assessment and get ready to smile brighter the very same day. At Aria Dental, we go by the belief that “even a smile is charity”, so we offer affordable restorative solutions for you to stop hiding your smile. Do not hesitate to contact us when you feel the need to fill the void in your mouth. Your smile will speak a thousand words if it begins here!

Attractiveness, Health, Self-esteem, and Intimacy, All On 4 Implants For The Spring Of Your Smile in 2022

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