Talk to Your Orthodontist in Mission Viejo About the Dangers of Getting Braces Through the Mail

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The residents of Mission Viejo all want to take the best care of their teeth, and that means brushing, flossing, and using mouthwash regularly. But what about some of the modern aspects of dental care that you might have seen advertised on TV? What about getting braces through the mail, for instance, rather than going to see a trained professional? Should this be regarded as a viable option? We spoke to an orthodontist about that very subject, and here’s what we learned.

The Risks of Braces by Mail

You might have seen braces by mail advertised at some point, Mission Viejo residents. If so, the ads might have made the process look easy, and they may have pointed out how inexpensive it is as a possible incentive for going in that direction. But is it a good idea?

According to the orthodontist to whom we spoke, trying to fix alignment issues and other dental problems by going with a through-the-mail solution is never advisable. Mail order orthodontic treatment is often described as being easier since you can avoid going to see an orthodontist in person. You can wait at home while the corrective trays or any other paraphernalia comes to you, and then you can apply them yourself. You’ll then see your teeth shift into the proper alignment over the next few months.

While this sounds good, it’s rarely what happens. The problem with corrective orthodontic treatment through the mail is that when you don’t go to see an orthodontist in person, they cannot see the particulars of what needs to be corrected. Orthodontia is not one-size-fits-all by any means. Each person’s mouth is different, and the start of any treatment is going to require the taking of molds.

If you’re making those molds at home by yourself, then the likelihood of your making a mistake is high. After all, you haven’t been trained in how to do it as the staff of a dentist in Mission Viejo, CA has been. It is much safer for you to go to an orthodontist and get someone who has been professionally trained to handle this delicate procedure.

Your dental work is not something that should be undertaken frivolously just because you want to save a little money. You want it done right, not cheaply. Besides, many dental insurances will help you out with the financial cost, so money isn’t as much of a factor as these braces-at-home companies often make it out to be.

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You Can Make the Situation Worse

When you see an orthodontist, and the two of you discuss what’s happening with your teeth, you can be confident that they have received the proper education and training. That’s because they will have been trained by an accredited institution as approved by the AAO, the American Association of Orthodontists. You should always look for that certification when you’re selecting a corrective dental practitioner. It’s a way for you to be sure that this person will not steer you in the wrong direction.

If you get your braces through the mail, you’re not getting that one-on-one, in-person consultation that is so vital. You’re not getting the initial workup, X-rays, and the treatment plan that should be the beginning stages of your getting braces. You’re not getting the individual attention of professional staff. You’re not going to receive the custom-made aligners that should be part of your treatment, and you’re not going to get the follow-up visits for when the bands need to be tightened or other adjustments have to be made.

The timeline for mail-order braces will often be something like 3-6 months. It’s rare that someone only needs braces for that long. 1-2 years is usually more likely. The very fact that the two timelines are so different from each other should be a huge red flag for you. Yes, you’d love to be done with your braces faster, but if you rush the process, then it’s highly unlikely you’ll have corrected whatever problems existed.

You Risk Permanent Damage

Mission Viejo residents should also understand that to align your bite correctly, the ligaments and bone around the teeth must slowly shift. If this is done too quickly or without the proper monitoring, you can severely and permanently damage your bones, jaw, and teeth.

Some companies will even send you rubber bands, called band gaps, which are intended to close the gaps between your teeth. If you apply these bands without the aid of a certified orthodontist, then in some cases you can lose those teeth if the band slips underneath the gum tissue.

The Bottom Line

Wearing your braces for less time sounds appealing, as does paying less for the various stages. But if you go through the mail for these sorts of delicate procedures, you’re probably going to end up in worse shape than you were when you started. Saving a little money by cutting corners is something that you might attempt in other areas of your life, but dental work should be taken seriously, and it’s not the place to be frugal.

When you go to an orthodontist in Mission Viejo, CA, you know that you’re going to have a team of trained specialists working on getting you the best results. If you ever have any problem with your braces or if you ever have a question, you can call and speak to someone with whom you have a relationship.

If you try to get your braces through the mail, then you’ll be calling a 1-800 number or speaking to someone on a website via live chat who is not most likely dentist. For all you know, that person could be half a world away. They don’t know the particulars of your situation, and they probably don’t care about you very much since they’ve never even met you before.

The best thing for you to do if you need braces is to visit our website at We’ll answer your questions, and we have years of experience customizing and installing braces. Don’t make the mistake of going through the mail for something that should always be done in person.

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