Kid-Friendly Orthodontics: Unlocking the Magic of Invisalign® For Kids

Invisalign® For Kids

Many parents are concerned about Invisalign® for kids, but we believe it’s a great idea, and in this article, we will explain why you should confidently choose this orthodontic treatment for your children. We will go through how it works, how it’s maintained, and how much it costs, along with answering some common questions. So, if you are considering Invisalign® for your kids, continue reading.

Benefits of Early Orthodontic Intervention

Invisalign® For Kids - why Invisalign® at young age

Children with misaligned teeth are more prone to tooth decay and wear out. Because more food debris is stuck between their teeth, making it harder to clean. On top of this, they might not be able to chew on certain foods.

Early orthodontic intervention around the age of six or seven has many benefits. Your kid has a pliable jaw, so straightening their teeth is much easier and quicker. There is less chance of surgery or tooth extraction, and your child’s orthodontist can guide the teeth and bone growth, leading to the ideal and permanent result.

Is Invisalign® Suitable for Kids?

Invisalign® treatment consists of several clear aligners that correct many dental issues. Its nearly invisible appearance is one of this treatment’s best features for adults and children. This means your kids won’t be embarrassed by how their braces look. It also needs fewer dentist visits than braces, which means less trouble for the parents and the kids.

Children between the ages of six and ten can have phase I of Invisalign® First, which is very easy and comfortable. This type corrects many issues, from teeth spacing to narrow dental arches. This phase aims to help with jaw development so new teeth can erupt in a better alignment.

Invisalign® Teen has two significant differences that make it perfect for your older kids: first, it has blue dots on the retainers to ensure your child is using them as long as they should. Second, the package generally has more retainers since teenagers are more active and carefree than adults.

Benefits of Invisalign® for Kids

Benefits of Invisalign® for Kids

Invisalign® has many benefits for your kids. Here are five that make the treatment much easier for them:


These aligners are nearly invisible, making them an ideal option for children and teenagers who don’t accept braces because of their appearance. Invisalign® is very effective, looks cool, and makes your kid more confident.


Invisalign® has no metal brackets or wires, which means less discomfort and nagging for your kid. It doesn’t cut or scrap their gum; they can play games and sports without any concern about the treatment.

Less Cavity

Invisalign® aligners are removable, so kids can brush and floss easily and quickly. Proper brushing and flossing prevent cavity formation, and you can be sure that no additional dental costs will be added on top of the orthodontic treatment expenses.

Fewer Appointments

One of the troubles of braces is the appointments for the tightening of the metal parts. Invisalign® retainers don’t have this trouble, which means your kid doesn’t need a lot of dental appointments. Fewer appointments make the treatment period more pleasurable for you and your children.

No Food Restriction

When your child has braces, certain foods should be avoided as they stick to the metal parts and make cleaning harder. On the other hand, Invisalign® appliances have no food restriction. Your kid removes the aligner, eats whatever they want, brushes their teeth, and puts it back on.

Invisalign® Treatment Process for Kids

Before anything, we should mention that the specific process for each kid is unique and based on what your holistic dentist plans. However, the general procedure looks like this:

Initial Appointment

Your dentist thoroughly examines your kid’s teeth to create a plan with one of the Invisalign® types and order it. Usually, your orthodontist will show you a 3D scan of the teeth and how they will look at the end of the estimated treatment period. At this appointment, you can ask your questions and share any concerns regarding the procedure and its cost.

Putting on the Retainers

When you receive your children’s Invisalign®, more than twenty retainers are in the package. You should convince your kid to put them on one by one for 20 to 22 hours daily until the end of the treatment. They should also take them out for every meal and brush their teeth after eating to maintain oral health.

Feeling a slight discomfort when your kid puts on a new retainer is completely normal, as it pushes the teeth in a new direction. However, feel free to consult your dentist for any concerns about the aligners or the treatment plan.

Noticing the Result

The result of Invisalign® for kids largely depends on the patience and commitment of your child to keeping the retainers on for the recommended period. If they go through the treatment properly, you can see the result very soon as their teeth gradually move into the correct position and they find more self-esteem to smile brightly.

Caring for Invisalign® Aligners

Caring for the aligners is very simple. Keep these tips in mind, and you will have nothing to worry about:

  • Clean them with a soft toothbrush, lukewarm water, and mild soap;
  • Avoid eating with aligners to prevent damage or stains;
  • Keep them on for 20 to 22 hours every day;
  • Store them only in their case to avoid misplacement.

Caring for Kids with Invisalign® Aligners

Invisalign® for kids - Caring for Kids with Invisalign® Aligners

More than caring for aligners, you should supervise how your kid takes care of their teeth. There are essential tips for achieving the ideal result:

Maintaining Oral Health

First and foremost, your kid should maintain oral hygiene by brushing their teeth with a soft toothbrush and toothpaste twice a day. As a parent, you should supervise that they brush correctly and clean all the surfaces of their teeth and floss to avoid any cavities.

Maintaining the Eating Rule

The general rule for eating with aligners is to take them out for everything except water. You should ensure your kid washes their teeth after each meal. They should also clean the retainer before putting it back on to prevent bacteria build-up.

Sticking to the Schedule

Your kid should go through the treatment plan completely to achieve the optimal result. Regular orthodontist checkups also ensure everything is going according to the plan. Supervising your kid to be fully committed to the treatment and not miss any appointments would be best.

Cost of Invisalign® for Kids

The cost of Invisalign® for kids depends on the dental problem and the length of the treatment. In other words, only your orthodontist can give you an exact estimate after the examination. However, it is less expensive for kids than for adults if the problem is not complicated.

How to Find an Invisalign® Provider?

This article aims to provide a complete guide for any parent considering Invisalign® for their kids. If you are looking for a certified dentist, Aria Dental is an accredited diamond provider of Invisalign® in Orange County, California, that provides many holistic and natural treatments. Feel free to contact us for an initial consultation for any dental concern. Our professional team will answer your questions and explain every procedure to you.

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