What California Should Know About Cosmetic Dentistry in 2023

The first impressions your face makes will become you, and the importance of your smile to nail your first images is undeniable. First impressions can influence how favorably people will respond to you. Your smile plays a crucial role in forming these impressions, as it is one of the first attributes others notice in you; it can take control of your mood and ultimately affect your self-confidence. In the past few decades, cosmetic dentistry has boomed, resulting in the emergence of aesthetic dental procedures to help design a personalized smile by correcting its visible flaws and enhancing its functions.

What Is Meant by Cosmetic Dentistry?

Not that long ago, dentistry’s sole function was to treat dental problems or gum diseases. Later, dentists started to focus on oral health. Now, cosmetic dentistry is universal, and people from all walks of life are investing in themselves, benefiting from a variety of readily available techniques.

Generally, any dental treatments that involve aesthetic improvements are considered cosmetic. Cosmetic dentistry is a branch of dentistry dealing with dental works performed to improve the appearance of your teeth, gums, and bites. It is a highly effective approach with the main aim of enhancing the appearance of your smile. This branch of dentistry is concerned with minor and major complaints you may have about the teeth’s color, shape, position, size, and smile alignment. This trendy treatment includes veneers, bonding, bleaching, crowning, reshaping, and contouring.

Cosmetic dentistry, unlike general dentistry, is a desire.

General dentistry is used to treat and prevent diseases by targeting any reduction in the functional life of the oral area, whereas cosmetic dentistry, as a desire rather than a need, addresses the undesirable aspects of your smile, and focuses on dental aesthetics, improving the color, position, shape, size, and alignment of the teeth.

Cosmetic dentistry overlaps with restorative dentistry.

Both restorative and cosmetic dentistry may utilize the same techniques for teeth restoration, though they do not resemble each other in every respect. Restorative dentistry gives you a set of fully functioning teeth, while cosmetic dentistry allows you not only to restore the function of your teeth, but enjoy a perfect smile. These two methods may be combined in a treatment course for better outcomes since many cosmetic dentists are specialized in both.

Cosmetic dentistry helps with imperfections.

This method is not just about esthetically attractive smiles. Modern technology has made it possible for cosmetic dentists to help improve dental health through cosmetic dental treatments, which utilize various procedures to treat discolored, chipped, misshapen, or missing teeth. The standard methodologies applied in cosmetic dentistry allow for the addition of a dental material to teeth or gums, the removal of tooth structure or gums, straightening of teeth, scaling, teeth whitening, and gum depigmentation.

Cosmetic dentistry is not that young.

This branch of dentistry is relatively new, but paradoxically aged. Though seemingly an invention of the modern age, it has been in practice for thousands of years, and is believed to be quite ancient, dating back to 700 BC when a tribe in Northern Italy made the first set of dentures from bones to replace missing teeth. People have long been worried about their smiles, and caring about oral hygiene. Ancient Romans practiced cosmetic dentistry by using gold for crowns and teeth fillings as well.

cosmetic dentistry

What Does Cosmetic Dentistry Owe Its Popularity To?

Even though cosmetic dentistry is not a well-known specialty, it has grown in popularity, and these days more people seek services from cosmetic dentists in the USA, according to a recent study. Some motivations driving people to discuss and consider this form of dentistry are explained below:

The desire for attractiveness

People tend to show the best version of themselves. A survey report  published by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry has suggested various reasons for the popularity of cosmetic dentistry. It notes that the majority of the patients undertaking cosmetic dental treatments aim to improve their appearance. Almost half of them hope to feel younger, whereas over half want to be prepared for upcoming events of great importance. Other Studies show that satisfaction with your smile significantly affects your social health and overall self-confidence.


People are becoming more acquainted with aesthetic technology as they get more interested in, or rather obsessed with, their public image and appearance. Based on recent research, other people in their social circles can encourage them to try cosmetic dental treatments. The incentive to get familiar with these procedures, which result in both a healthier quality of life and a more beautiful appearance, has made this type of dentistry a trend.


Cosmetic dental treatments are no longer something that only wealthy people can realistically go for. More people can afford aesthetic dental work these days. One reason could lie in the fact that Americans have more disposable income, according to Trading Economics, and they would rather use the extra money to enjoy the benefits of a better appearance.


Cosmetic dentistry plans can be customized to your liking, and certain teeth elements can be preserved while others are changed. The procedures will eventually meet what you are hoping to get, and you can enjoy your new cosmetic teeth while still being your very self.

Restorative advantages

Contrary to popular belief, cosmetic dentistry isn’t just about improving your appearance, and except for the specialized aesthetic procedures, people can take advantage of this technique’s restorative and preventive effects. According to the American Dental Association Journal, the ability to look younger through cosmetic enhancement of smiles has tremendous implications for dentistry’s future practice. If you undergo cosmetic dental treatments, your teeth are less likely to need more complex and expensive dental work in the future, and this can be an engaging incentive for patients.

What California Should Know About Cosmetic Dentistry in 2023

What Benefits Does Cosmetic Dentistry Offer?

Cosmetic dentistry can positively influence multiple areas of your life by improving your oral health, social interactions, and self-confidence. Millions of people with various concerns and desires have undergone cosmetic dental works, benefitting from the following:

Oral health improvement

Crooked, weak, and chipped teeth are cosmetic concerns that can adversely influence your oral health. Cosmetic dentistry, by correcting minor misalignments of your bite or teeth, and ministering jaw discomfort, helps solve several pressing oral health problems and prevent future dental damages.

Bite adjustment

Damaged teeth may lead to complications in chewing. Some cosmetic dentistry procedures will fix this situation by strengthening your bite.

Diet enhancement

People suffering from oral problems may struggle to eat a balanced diet. Cosmetic dentistry can solve this with the help of artificial teeth and dental implants.

Self-esteem boosting

How you feel about your appearance can immensely affect your self-confidence, and for many Americans, an attractive smile can be the key to feeling confident. Constantly worrying about dental imperfections can cause self-esteem issues. Whether through a teeth alignment treatment, a teeth whitening procedure, or the placement of veneers, cosmetic dentistry allows you to experience the personal and professional gifts that confidence brings.

Pain Relief

Misaligned teeth cause toothaches and muscle tension in the jaw. A study published by the National Institute of Health has proved that there is a significant reduction in pain and discomfort due to this type of dental treatment.

What Solutions Does Cosmetic Dentistry Offer To The World?

Cosmetic dentistry allows your true self to shine from within. It adds a spring to your step if you want an extra edge while keeping more of your natural teeth. This effective dental treatment employs standard teeth fixing procedures that cover all age groups.

Teeth Whitening

According to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry report, teeth discoloration is the number one concern people have regarding their smiles. Teeth whitening procedure is a bio-compatible treatment to fix teeth discoloration. It helps you achieve a brighter smile in no time. The teeth which are discolored or stained are excellent candidates for this dental work.


Professional bleaching is the most common method of tooth whitening. This procedure can lighten the color of your teeth. The process can be done quickly, usually in a little over an hour.

Laser whitening

Laser teeth whitening is an effective specialized technique to remove stains from your teeth and treat discoloration by using a high-intensity light source and placing concentrated bleaching gel on your teeth.

Dentofacial Lift

This cosmetic treatment offers nonsurgical techniques to improve your overall appearance while reshaping the face from forehead to chin by optimizing the jaw joints.

A collapsed smile is a common aging sign, and since your teeth and jaw support your lips and cheeks, changes to their structure and altering the arrangement of the teeth can take years off your smile.

Crowns and Bridges

Using dental crowns is an effective way to enhance the shape and strength of damaged, poorly shaped, or root-canaled teeth.

Dental bridges can help when you have missing teeth. They can fill the gap with one or more artificial teeth if you have healthy ones on either side of that empty space.

Full-mouth Reconstruction

This treatment consists of a series of procedures to fix cosmetic or structural dental imperfections by restoring every tooth in your jaw.


The process of full-mouth reconstruction, also called rehabilitation, is a smile makeover targeting tooth cracks, chipped teeth, dental fractures, surface stains, gaps between the teeth, poorly aligned teeth, and anything that could compromise a person’s oral health.


The soft, complex tissues of the mouth and the temporomandibular joints must be in harmony in order to perform appropriately. When any part of this system breaks down, it affects the other parts, preventing them from functioning correctly. Whether or not you need a full mouth reconstruction depends largely on the severity or extent of the damage to your oral area. In order for the treatment to be successful, a full mouth reconstruction is expected to not only restore the natural appearance of your smile but to simultaneously fix functional issues and improve your oral health.

Metal-free Ceramic Implants

Ceramic Implants are among the most beneficial options for the replacement of missing teeth. They are ultra-biocompatible, and, once fixed in your jawbone, will feel like your natural teeth.


This aesthetic procedure employs an innovative technique which involves the application of an implant-supported denture that replaces all your upper or lower teeth with just four dental implants, giving you a fixed denture.

Porcelain Veneers

We live in a world where many people are unhappy with their smiles, and crooked, chipped, gapped, or discolored teeth are believed to be the main culprits. A smile makeover with porcelain veneers is a popular treatment to transform your smile in a few weeks.


Porcelain veneers are stable layers of synthetic textile connected to the tooth’s surface to solve aesthetic problems. They are made of advanced ceramic materials even more substantial than natural teeth enamel.


Effective development can be noticed with this treatment in a couple of weeks. It creates a renewed look for your teeth while strengthening them. The effects will last very long, for about fifteen years with proper care and a healthy lifestyle.


Veneers are customized for your smile, and your teeth will look natural after the treatment. They need the same home care routines as your natural teeth. Minimal tooth preparation is required, and the procedure is virtually painless.


This innovative technique involves the application of clear aligners that are virtually invisible (hence the name) in order to reshape, adjust, and straighten your teeth. The aligners are transparent orthodontic devices developed from computer-generated images taken from your mouth. That is why this procedure is considered a highly personalized one.

Gum Recontouring

This cosmetic dental work employs a laser to cut away excess gum. It helps reduce the length of the gums and balance gum tissues with the shape and size of the upper lip.

Dental Bonding

Cosmetic tooth bonding is a teeth fixing method operated on a healthy tooth structure to bring balance to the smile. This technique corrects slight imperfections by altering a tooth’s position, shape, or length without harming your overall health.


Dental bonding is the application of a tooth-colored resin onto the surface of damaged teeth to replace missing enamel and restore your beautiful smile. It can target a variety of cosmetic imperfections, including chipped or cracked teeth, tooth discoloration, gaps or spaces between the teeth, and misshapen teeth.


  • This treatment is considered to be safe and almost painless;
  • It is minimally invasive and does not require a local anesthetic;
  • It is natural, durable, and robust;
  • The results are long lasting; and
  • It is quick yet effective.

Laser Dentistry

Dentists have accepted and employed lasers to treat a variety of oral problems such as tooth decay, gum diseases, or discoloration. Laser dental treatments have been applied in oral biopsy as well.

What California Should Know About Cosmetic Dentistry in 2023

Caring about your smile is only human nature. So, if you like to smile bigger, do not hesitate to ask Aria Dental what you desire. Our cosmetic dentists can design what you wear, giving you the flexibility of choice.

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