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White spots can develop on a person’s teeth for a variety of reasons, which is why it is important to have regular checkups at a dentist in Laguna Niguel. In order to determine if white spots are a cosmetic problem or an indicator of poor oral health, it is helpful to have a well-established relationship with an oral care professional.

One common cause of white spots is a loss of mineral content in tooth enamel from acid. Whether someone consumes too many acidic foods or has a buildup of plaque from poor oral hygiene, this acid will destroy the enamel and cause teeth to develop white spots. Another reason that someone’s teeth might have white spots is from an interruption of development as a result of some kind of tooth trauma. 

For many people who receive dental implants in Orange County, excessive white spots are one of the first signs of decay before tooth damage becomes unmanageable. These splotchy bleach-colored marks are classified by oral care professionals as a white spot lesion. They are often a symptom of weakened enamel and can signal the development of a cavity. 

A Laguna Niguel dentist will tell you that white spots are very common for people with braces. This is why your orthodontist will stress the importance of keeping good oral hygiene habits, even with the barrier of metal brackets and wire. People with braces should continue to brush, floss, and use dental picks to remove bits of food between and around teeth. if you are a good candidate for Invisalign, top Orange County’s Invisalign dentists recommend metal-free clear Invisalign vs. metal braces since hygiene is easier and no white spots appear on your teeth during straightening of your teeth. 


Besides maintaining proper teeth cleaning routines, people can avoid developing white spots by keeping a balanced diet. Food and drinks that are high in sugar or acid should be minimized, along with carbohydrates. This will prevent too much damage to the enamel. 

While braces may increase the risk of developing white spots, they are not a direct cause of the condition. Poor oral hygiene and diet are the actual influencing factors. So, as long as you remain conscious of your oral care habits and go in for regular appointments, you will be able to manage plaque buildup and avoid tooth staining or decay. 

Your dentist and oral surgeon in Mission Viejo Ca can help you determine the best course of action if you start to notice white spot lesions on your teeth. White spots are typically a permanent structural change in the tooth and, thus, not easily eliminated. However, you can consult your oral care professional on ways to make these spots less noticeable if they pose an aesthetic problem. The ability to reduce these spots depends on their size, amount, root cause, and the current enamel strength of the teeth. From microabrasion, oxygen/ozone therapy to tooth capping such as porcelain crown to tooth filling to veneers, there are a variety of options available to restore teeth to their normal color and brightness. 

When you start to notice white spots on your teeth, schedule an appointment with your oral care professional to get a thorough examination. It is important to catch oral problems before they develop into something more serious and irreversible. Your dentist will help you determine the reason for your white spots and help you strategize to maintain control of your oral health. 

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