Why Baby Teeth Matter

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Baby teeth, otherwise known as deciduous teeth, primary teeth, or milk teeth, are one of the many growth factors that can influence a child’s social, emotional, and physical development. Many people have the misconception that baby teeth are not important because they will eventually fall out and be replaced by adult teeth. However, according to an oral surgeon in Mission Viejo Ca, there are many reasons why baby teeth should be properly cared for, just like adult teeth. Here are some of the ways that baby teeth make a difference: 

Nutrition and Health

Like adults, children need their teeth to maintain a healthy, balanced diet. If primary teeth begin to decay, this can not only lead to nutritional deficiencies, but it can also cause infections and other health-related issues for the child. Baby teeth need to be properly cleaned and monitored in order to ensure that overall health is maintained. 

Alignment of Permanent Teeth

Baby teeth can actually affect the positioning of permanent teeth later in life. According to an oral surgeon in Mission Viejo Ca, baby teeth operate as space savers that will gently guide the adult teeth into place. If a child loses their primary teeth too early, then their permanent teeth might shift over to the empty space, which can cause misalignment and crowding. 


Most people that eventually require dental implants in Orange County understand how tooth decay can spread in the mouth and affect nearly every aspect of oral health. This is why it is so important for baby teeth to remain healthy from their first growth to their time of falling out. Primary tooth decay can easily affect permanent tooth buds, which are situated right next to the baby teeth. Infections that spread to the permanent buds may cause long-term damage to the essential processes of development. 



If you speak to a dentist in Laguna Niguel about the effect of teeth on our speech, you will learn that baby teeth can actually influence a person’s ability to pronounce words. So, in order to foster clear, intelligible speech patterns in a child, it is important to maintain tooth health. 


Lastly, teeth have a huge impact on our self-esteem, which is not limited to adults. Children with oral health problems may display a lack of confidence, especially in social situations. When baby teeth are properly cared for, a child will have more of a reason to feel secure and at ease to express themselves. 

Now that we understand why and how baby teeth can make a difference in development, here are some of the best ways to promote oral health in your child: 

  • Regular checkups. According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, parents should establish a dentist for their child by their first birthday or within six months of them growing their first tooth. 
  • X-ray examinations. Some parents and children may be nervous about the x-ray at the dentist, however, it is a great tool to thoroughly examine the health and development of baby teeth. Those who opt-out of this normal procedure may lose out on crucial information about their child’s oral health. 
  • Make brushing fun! It can be difficult to establish a normal brushing routine for some children. However, it is imperative to ingrain this habit and expectation in your child early. There are many different tactics you can try to make brushing your child’s teeth more like a game. 

A lifetime of great oral health begins with a friendly, knowledgeable, and gentle pediatric and holistic dentist.  We can’t wait to meet our newest guests. Schedule you’re child’s next dental appointment here at Aria Dental of Mission Viejo by calling (949) 364-9600 or visit our website www.AriaDentalCare.com

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