How Are Same Day Dental Implants Even Possible?

Same Day Dental Implants

Many people believe dental implants are very time-consuming, but same day dental implants are done in only one session without long waits. These implants are placed the same day you undergo teeth extraction, and they have much less trouble. This article will explain everything if you want these temporary prosthetic teeth. So, keep on reading.

Who Is a Suitable Candidate for Same Day Dental Implants?

Same day dental implant is suitable for anyone with damaged or missing front teeth who can’t wait long and doesn’t want to undergo multiple surgeries. If you are one of these people, your dentist will check your oral and overall health, examine the possibility of an all-on-4 or denture retainer, and then approve a same day dental implant.

What Is the Procedure for Same Day Dental Implants?

The procedure for same day dental implants is the same as traditional implants. They both have four steps: initial consultation, tooth extraction and implant placement, healing, and checkup. Here is every step in detail:

Initial Consultation

You should know that same day dental implant requires a seasoned surgeon with high expertise. So, as the first step, you should consult a skilled dentist. Your doctor will thoroughly check your medical history and oral health and inspect your gum with X-rays and 3D imaging. Ultimately, you should have a treatment plan that shows how and when these steps are taken.

Extraction and Implantation

If you have damaged teeth, the next step will be tooth extraction. If you have missing teeth, you will skip this step. At this step, the tooth, plus all infected tissues and bones, are removed without damaging the tooth socket. After that, you’ll get a surgery date for placing the implant. Technologies and techniques used in your surgery heavily depend on your case. The surgeon might even use a 3D-printed surgical guide if the procedure too complicated.

Prosthesis Placement

Now that the implant is placed, you will get a dental prosthesis that acts as an enamel. To ensure the prosthesis is perfectly fitted, you might receive a temporary one until the permanent prosthesis is ready to be placed. This step is essential to your implant success. If the dental prosthesis is not fitted perfectly, it increases the chance of implant failure.

Healing and Checkups

The implant fuses to your jawbone during this step and permanently fixes the prosthesis. You should eat soft foods during this time to avoid implant movement. After a certain period, you will revisit your doctor for a checkup to ensure the implant has properly fused to the bone.

What Are the Benefits of Same-Day Dental Implants?

Obviously, the best benefit of this type of implant is the faster procedure, which means fewer dentist appointments and getting your ideal smile sooner. On top of this, you can consider same-day dental implants for implant-supported dentures. This means you can have full arches of dentures faster and easier with this implant.

What Are the Risks of Same-Day Dental Implants?

Generally speaking, any dental implant procedure involves certain risks. Same-day dental implants are no exception. The two significant risks of this procedure are infection and failure of osseointegration. We will further discuss these two risks here:


Patients who have bad oral health or suffer from gum disease are greatly at risk of implant infection. In same-day dental implants, if there is a considerable amount of infection in the mouth and gums, there is a high chance of peri-implantitis. In other words, when the implant is placed, the gum is so infected that it infects the implant, too, and there is no way other than removing the implant.

Failure of Osseointegration

Osseointegration is the term for jawbone growing into a metal implant. Disruption of this process immediately after prosthesis placement can lead to the failure of the whole treatment. New implants are susceptible to pressure, and too much overload can misplace them completely. That is why your doctor will give you aftercare instructions to avoid any risk of implant movement.

Traditional Implants vs. Same-Day Dental Implants

The comparison between traditional and same-day implants falls into four main categories:

  • Duration of treatment: With traditional implants, it takes months after surgery to place the abutment. However, same-day implants are usually completed on the day of your surgery.
  • Cost of treatment: same-day implants are generally more cost-effective as the procedure is shorter.
  • Suitability: The traditional implant procedure is the standard approach because it suits anyone who is a candidate for a dental implant. However, not all of the candidates are suitable for same-day implants.
  • Success Rate: Since traditional implant procedures take more time, they are performed more carefully and have a higher success rate than same-day implants. However, it all depends on your dentist. We suggest a holistic one.

Are You Looking for a Holistic Dentist?

If you are in California and looking for a holistic dentist for same-day dental implants, Aria Dental Care offers a safe and biocompatible solution for all your needs. Feel free to contact us for a consultation so our holistic dentist, Dr. Horiyat, can thoroughly examine your oral and overall health for an implant. Thanks to our professional staff, we can guarantee you will have a smooth procedure and a bright smile in no time.

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