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Most oral care professionals recognize that gum disease is one of the leading causes of tooth loss for adults. This is why it is so important to practice regular oral hygiene routines and have yearly dental cleanings. For those that neglect to brush and floss, severe gum problems can arise, which will require help from an experienced oral surgeon in Mission Viejo Ca.

One of the earliest signs of poor oral health is swollen and bleeding gums. Over 40% of people in the United States experience some form of gum disease, whether that’s gingivitis or periodontitis. Depending on the severity and frequency of gum bleeding, a Dr. Maryam Horiyat, dentist in Laguna Niguel will be able to diagnose your condition. It is so important to watch for these symptoms in order to slow or completely stop the process of decay.

When gums are extra sensitive, due to improper oral care, they will swell up and bleed at the slightest irritation. A person who experiences this may feel inclined to stop flossing because, every time they do, they bleed. Unfortunately, this will only contribute further to gum problems. If you notice that your gums are inflamed, then you should consult your oral care professional for the best possible response. If the bleeding is minor, then your dentist may recommend brushing gently and continuing to floss until your gums become stronger. Dr. Maryam Horiyat could provide you Ozone (O3) Therapy during professional dental cleaning to naturally kill any microorganism such as bacteria and bring your gum back to healthy level. 


While poor oral care is often the source of gum problems, there are a variety of circumstances that can contribute to or cause this condition. Genetics can play into a person’s gum health as well as medications and pregnancy. It is important to understand the root of your sensitivity in order to have an appropriate response. If you know that you are more at risk for gum disease, then it can also help you take preventative measures. In the case where poor gum health is not properly treated and maintained, many people suffer tooth loss and require dental implants in Orange County. Your oral care professional will do a thorough dental examination, review of your medical history, and investigation of your oral care habits in order to determine the cause of your gum problems.

According to an oral surgeon in Mission Viejo Ca, yearly dental cleanings make a significant impact on our oral health. Since our mouths carry bacteria that can, at any point, combine with food particles to create plaque or tartar, we are constantly at risk of acidic damage to our enamel. This is why it is so important to brush teeth multiple times a day as well as floss. When plaque is allowed to sit for long periods of time, it can build up and calcify. While you may not be properly equipped to clean calcified plaque, an experienced oral care professional can successfully remove calculus. This will ensure that gum problems do not become more severe. So, the next time you visit your dentist, make sure to inform them of any changes to your gum health and see how you can maintain a clean, healthy smile.     

As part of our general and cosmetic dentistry along holistic and biological dentistry, Aria Dental in Mission Viejo offers numerous preventive dental care procedures such as professional dental cleanings, Ozone (O3) Therapy and laser therapy to stop your gum bleeding at early stage. We also offer advanced periodontal treatments for advanced gum disease such as gum surgery or LANAP procedure

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