Top 6 Signs of Tooth Extraction Infection

Top 6 Signs of Tooth Extraction Infection

Tooth extraction infection can happen to anyone if your dentist is not careful throughout the tooth extraction procedure. There is always a chance of infection in any dental treatment, and we recommend you choose a holistic dentist to ensure a safe and natural experience. This article will explain the signs of tooth extraction infection and how to prevent it in the first place. Here’s what you should know:

Side Effects of Dental Surgery

Before your tooth extraction procedure, your doctor should tell you about the side effects. Generally, these are the main side effects following a dental surgery:


Feeling pain for two to three days is normal after any dental surgery. However, pain tolerance varies from person to person. If the pain is not tolerable, you can buy painkillers such as ibuprofen if your dentist allows it. However, holistic dentists have their own safe and natural methods to ease the pain. That is why we recommend a holistic dentist for all your dental procedures. In this video, Dr. Maryam Horiyat, a holistic dentist, will explain the difference between a holistic and a conventional approach in dentistry:


You might also see a little blood in your saliva for a few days. You can put gauze on the area and bite it for about ten minutes to stop the bleeding. However, if you have severe or minor bleeding that can’t be stopped, you should contact your doctor. Bleeding non-stop is such a serious matter that it is usually recommended to visit a hospital ER. So, don’t underestimate it. Act fast before you’ve lost too much blood.


Swelling is completely normal for even the most straightforward procedures. It can be seen outside of your mouth and leave bruising. The swelling usually starts a few days after your procedure and shouldn’t last more than a week. This is a healthy part of healing and doesn’t necessarily mean you have an infection. If you have prolonged pain and other signs of infection on top of a swelling that doesn’t go away, you should contact your doctor.

Dry Socket

A dry socket means pain and inflammation in the socket of the removed tooth. Dry socket symptoms include increasing pain, an unpleasant taste in your mouth, and bad breath. There is a higher chance of a dry socket if you smoke or take contraceptive pills. It usually happens between three to five days after your extraction, and only your dentist can treat it by washing the socket and putting an antiseptic dressing on the extraction site. However, holistic dentists have procedures to prevent dry sockets. Dr. Horiyat explains how holistic dentists clean your socket after extraction:

How To Know If a Tooth Is Infected

Now, we get to the signs of tooth extraction infection. Remember these six signs, and don’t forget to contact your doctor for an accurate diagnosis. These symptoms are:

  1. Bitter taste in your mouth;
  2. Bad breath;
  3. Swollen gums;
  4. Persistent pain;
  5. High fever;
  6. Pus coming out of the socket.

Some symptoms indicate severe infection and the beginning stages of sepsis:

  1. Difficulty swallowing or breathing;
  2. Numb mouth, tongue or jaw;
  3. Non-stop bleeding;
  4. Pus or blood in your nasal discharge.

What Should You Do In Case of Tooth Extraction Infection?

If you have the symptoms mentioned above, don’t panic and contact your doctor for an urgent appointment. Unfortunately, natural remedies won’t work for a tooth extraction infection, although mouth rinsing might give you a short relief. Delaying treatment might cause infection to get to your bloodstream and infect the other organs.

If you have severe symptoms like high fever, frequent pain, or unstoppable bleeding that lasts longer than 24 hours, and you can’t get an appointment with your dentist, you should go to a walk-in clinic or ER to prevent developing sepsis.

How Do You Prevent Infection After a Tooth Extraction?

It is better to prevent an infection instead of looking for a treatment. Your doctor will give you the exact instructions for your healing. But here are some general tips:

  • Eat soft foods: try to eat soft food for a certain period since it helps with the healing process;
  • Don’t rinse too much: rinse your mouth only as many times as your doctor has instructed;
  • Don’t forget compression: if your dentist suggests, use a clean gauze to compress the area;
  • Keep practicing good hygiene: you should continue brushing your teeth after the extraction.

In the video below, Dr. Horiyat explains the holistic approach to wisdom teeth extraction so you can see what we mean when we say holistic dentistry is the safe approach to dentistry:

How Do You Find a Holistic Dentist in California?

This article covered signs and symptoms of tooth extraction infection and suggested a way to reduce the risks: holistic dentistry. If you are looking for a holistic dentist in California, Aria Dental in Orange County is a holistic and biological dental office that offers a variety of treatments, including tooth extraction. Contact us today for a consultation whether you have a tooth infection or dry socket or are considering an extraction. Our team will walk you through a procedure that ensures your safety.

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