Everything You Need to Know About Biological Dentistry

The entire human organism is apprehended as a bio-organism in which the organs are closely connected, especially regarding oral health. Biological dentistry takes a holistic view of the human being to help enhance well-being with the main idea of mouth-body connection, considering the whole-body complex.

This article will explain everything you need about this modern oral health and dentistry approach. Are you ready?

What Diseases Are Associated with Your Oral Conditions?

Chronic inflammation in the jawbone and toxic metals used for your oral cavity can cause a constant overreaction of the immune system, which may affect your entire body and lead to massive disturbance of regulation, function, and structure.

Even diseases such as high blood pressure, MS, diabetes, arthritis, obesity, ALS, Alzheimer’s, and cardiovascular disorders such as atherosclerosis, heart attack, and stroke are also likely to develop. Isn’t that crazy?

Everything You Need to Know About Biological Dentistry

What Is Biological Dentistry?

Biological dentistry is a type of dentistry in which the main concern is your oral and overall health and emphasizes prevention and treatment strategies.

This approach prevents applying invasive operations, toxins, or side-effect-laden pharmaceuticals. It employs non-pharmaceutical and minimally-invasive methods to deliver the best solution for your oral condition.

Believing that your oral and overall health are inextricably linked, this dentistry helps prevent systemic diseases rooted in poor oral health. Any oral condition can engage other organs of your body. According to The International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology, This connection between oral health and chronic diseases is the basis for this approach to utilize a holistic solution in its treatment methods.

What Does a Biological Dentist Do?

Biological dentists employ the gentlest possible procedures in combination with the most compatible materials available to help you overcome your oral condition.

Studies show that more than 60% of all chronic diseases are developed due to interference fields in the oral cavity, which can pressure the organism and affect the digestive system, hormone balance, and metabolism.

Biological dentistry discovers the existing interference fields to extract them as gently as possible to relieve the involved organism. After this stage, the doctor will observe the recovery of your immune system.

How Do Dentists Perform Biological Diagnostics?

Before dental procedures such as implantology are performed, the current state of your health should be assessed with the help of blood screening, an X-ray of the oral area, and digital volume tomography, a three-dimensional, high-resolution X-ray of your head.

Your nutrient supply will be examined, and your blood will be analyzed to detect any defects. The detailed results of the diagnosis are gathered and discussed for the treatment plan, which will likely be customized based on your expectations.

Everything You Need to Know About Biological Dentistry

What Are the Benefits of Holistic and Biological Dentistry?

Biological dentistry degrades the risk associated with conventional methods and provides healthier solutions with customized treatments to which you can be sure your body will not react negatively. Avoiding harmful toxins, this approach uses only compatible materials to restrict the number of dangerous chemicals. If performed correctly, this approach leaves little negative impact and minimizes the amount of mercury in the environment.

Biological Dentistry Vs. Traditional Dentistry

Like any other dentist, all biological dentists have a DDS or DMD degree.  They even offer some traditional treatments like teeth cleanings and cavity fillings. The biggest difference is their approach. Biological dentists concentrate on your overall health and allow you to improve it with the help of natural techniques and materials.

Holistic dentistry follows a preventive health approach instead of addressing problems. They define risk factors and improve your health before it is affected by oral issues. For example, traditional dentists drill and fill a cavity. On the other hand, holistic dentists ask about your diet, hormone imbalances, and sleep patterns to enhance your lifestyle.

Doctors practicing this type of dentistry examine you before performing any operations. They check various parameters such as blood samples, muscle response, and skin response to decide on the treatment plan.

Another significant difference is the materials used in holistic dentistry. Holistic dentists apply biocompatible methods involving no invasive procedures to prevent traumatic consequences.

Everything You Need to Know About Biological Dentistry

What Is Biocompatibility Testing?

Biological dentistry doesn’t suggest the same materials for each patient. Thus, your doctor does a biocompatibility test before any treatment. A biocompatibility test ensures you won’t have any problems with the procedure. The most important factors in the biocompatibility test are:

  • The chemicals and materials that are used
  • The tissues that are exposed to the treatment
  • The total duration of exposure

Why Should You Choose a Biological Dentist?

By now, you probably have found several reasons for choosing biological dentistry. Still, we have more reasons in this part for you:

1. Focusing on Overall Health

Biological dentists focus on the health of your body as a whole and consider how your overall and oral health may be associated.

2. Mercury-Safe Approaches

Mercury fillings, also known as amalgam fillings, mercury amalgam fillings, and silver fillings, are the most common dental filling material. However, their use was claimed to be malpractice by The American Dental Association. Unlike conventional dentists, biological dentistry employs mercury-free approaches like composite resin or porcelain.

3. Fluoride-Free Materials

Studies show that fluoride is a neurotoxin when ingested. Its exposure may increase the risk of lower IQ scores, autism, or ADHD in children, which is why biological dentists rarely use fluoride.

Fluoride toxicity symptoms include cognitive dysfunction, fatigue, muscle weakness, and hypothyroidism, which may increase blood pressure and calcium levels.

4. Preventive Approach

Biological dentistry is concerned with preventing oral health problems instead of reacting to your oral conditions. Holistic doctors determine risk factors and treat the issue with conservative methods.

Everything You Need to Know About Biological Dentistry

5. Natural And Non-Invasive Techniques

Biological dentists employ bio-compatible procedures against invasive strategies that may cause traumatic consequences.

6. Caring About Biocompatibility

Various tests such as muscle response, skin response, and blood tests are run by your holistic doctor to measure the toxicology of the dental material they want to use for fillings, veneers, and even crowns and bridges.

7. Focusing on Nutrition

Biological dentistry emphasizes the significance of nutritional counseling in the treatment. Doctors practicing this approach believe you should be educated to be healthier. So, they try to help you learn more about how nutrition affects oral and overall health.

Are You Looking for a Biological Dentist Now?

This article explained biological dentistry and why you should go holistic! Now, if you are searching for a holistic and biological dentist in Orange County, Aria Dental is here for you. We offer biocompatible procedures that can deliver the best results, working well with the chemistry in your body. All you need to do is contact us and share your concerns.

Everything You Need to Know About Biological Dentistry

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