Why Are Holistic Dental Implants in Orange County So Popular?

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Anyone performing dental implants in Orange County can tell you that holistic dentistry is on the rise. Why? Because there is a growing amount of people who understand that our health depends on environmental factors and what we put inside our bodies. 

Holistic dentistry of the orthodontist in Mission Viejo helps patients live a happier, more natural and less toxic life. It links the gap between conventional dentistry and natural healing abilities. The oral surgeon in Mission Viejo, CA has an evident surge of patients requesting holistic dentistry because it promotes health and well-being through healthy nourishment, elimination of toxins, and the advancement of physical, mental and energetic balance. 

What Is Holistic Or Biological Dentistry?

Holistic or biological dentistry is more of a philosophy rather than a specialty. This philosophy is aware of the fact that dental structures are linked to other parts of the body. This signifies that the dental structures are part of the entire body and when they are affected, the whole body is affected. This philosophy leads to holistic dentists providing quality dental care to their patients without causing issues in other parts of their body. 

Dr. Maryam Horiyat is a holistic dentist at Aria Dental and has a special approach to how she provides her patients with dental treatment services. Not only is Dr. Horiyat concerned about her patients’ oral health but also their overall well-being. Additionally, she takes great care to make her patients comfortable while they are receiving treatment. 

There is an increasing amount of holistic dentists in many areas across the United States, including those performing dental implants in Orange County. The numbers are increasing for a few reasons, such as the fact that people are more aware that the teeth and gums are thought to be important to the rest of the body, and vice versa. Furthermore, there are increasing concerns about the effects mercury amalgam fillings could have on an individual’s health. 

What Is The Difference Between Holistic And Conventional Dentists?

The main goal of holistic dentistry is to minimize the patient’s exposure to toxic substances in every area of dentistry. For instance, a digital computer-generated x-ray unit is used to take a patient’s x-rays which lowers a patient’s exposure to radiation. The use of fluoride in adults and children is prohibited. 

Most holistic dentists are continuously attending courses to educate themselves on the safest and most biocompatible materials available for dental work. Furthermore, some holistic dentists do further testing to find out if a person has the ability to tolerate specific restorative material over long periods of time since the degree of tolerance for dental materials is different from one person to another. 

Holistic dental implants in Orange County

What Do Holistic Dentists Do? 

Holistic dentists are just like any other conventional dentist, but better. They fill cavities, clean teeth, make bridges, and make dental implants in Orange County. However, there is a little bit of a twist to a holistic dentist’s workings compared to conventional dentists and that is they evaluate the whole body from the diet and lifestyle to your mental and emotional health. Also, they mostly explore the use of technology to minimize the patient’s, staff’s, doctor’s and the environment’s exposure to harmful chemicals. 

Using Biocompatible Dental Materials

During dentistry treatments, dentists usually use particular dental materials as restorative means for dental problems. Examples of some of these materials are porcelain veneers, dental implants, composite fillings, and even dental crowns and dentures. 

However, holistic dentists use safe materials when providing these same dental services. Dental materials are considered safe when they are biocompatible, which means that, when used, they do not cause any health issues. For instance, Dr. Maryam Horiyat is a committed holistic dentist who uses amalgam-free dental material when providing dental services. 

Furthermore, she believes in eliminating amalgam fillings because they consist of a dangerous metal, such as mercury, that can cause severe health problems. Her skills and experience are tied together with her holistic dentistry philosophy to make sure her patients receive the best dental care and can stay rest assured that they will have a healthy future. 

How Do Holistic Dentists Remove Amalgam Fillings? 

There are various ways a holistic dentist will go about removing toxicity in the patient’s mouth. There have even been reported extreme cases which would consist of the holistic dentist and staff wearing hazmat suits and dual-valve gas masks, while the patient is covered head to toe, which just the working tooth exposed. However, typically the old mercury fillings are removed with super-strong suction, separated from the wastewater into an isolated container. Afterward, an EPA-licensed agent picks up this container for safe disposal of the mercury content. 

Some holistic dentists will give the patient heavy metal binding supplements such as activated charcoal, vitamin C, juniper berry and cilantro. After the holistic dentist coats the tissues inside the patient’s mouth, he or she will ask the patient to swallow the supplements so the digestive organs can also be coated and protected. 

During the removal procedure, there is ample ventilation. The patient wears a mask and gown that is disposed of after treatment. A rubber dam is utilized around each tooth that is being treated. This rubber dam fits tightly so that no pieces of amalgam filling can accidentally be swallowed. Most holistic dentists have a unique technique to remove fillings swiftly so that the patient’s exposure time to vapors is kept to a minimum.

How Do Holistic Dentists Replace Amalgam Fillings? 

After the holistic dentist has removed the amalgam fillings, he or she will fill the tooth using resin, plastic and other materials. Normally, holistic dentists use the same type of anesthesia as conventional dentists. However, they may have a naturopathic doctor on standby who helps run an IV with vitamin C to help the body fight the stress and anxiety the patient might feel during the procedure. 

It is never too late to give yourself, and the ones you love, a more holistic and natural approach to dental care. To find out more information about holistic dentistry, give Aria Dental a call or text today at (949) 364-9600 to schedule an appointment with one of our dedicated and professional holistic dentists.

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