How to Prevent Cavitation (Jawbone Infection) & Dry Socket During Wisdom Teeth Extractions

What Is Cavitation?

Jaw pain can be an indication of bone infection, also referred to as cavitation. This condition usually develops when an infection reaches the bone and requires immediate medical attention.

Infections in the bones of the spine, extremities, and pelvis might cause cavitation. TMJ may also get affected by cavitation and lead to severe cases. This type of infection results from bacteria that enter your body during oral operations. Surgical treatments, jaw injury, and dental abscesses can raise the risk. Some other diseases, too, can cause cavitation.

Various treatments such as laser operations help reduce pain and inflammation in the joint. Jaw pain and stiffness, fever, fatigue, swelling, sinus drainage, tenderness, tooth loss, and head or neck pain are all symptoms of jawbone infection. Draining the infections and getting antibiotics are among the standard treatments for this condition.

Types of Cavitation

Jawbone infection can be acute or chronic.

In acute cavitation, the infection occurs within two weeks of trauma or the beginning of an underlying disease and can even become life-threatening when severe and you may need treatment in the hospital. A 1 to 6 course of antibiotics or injections is typically applied depending on the severity. Infection in chronic conditions begins around two months after the initial infection and requires both antibiotics and surgery. Some persistent infections call for removing all or parts of the affected area, depending on the degree of the contamination.

How to Prevent Cavitation (Jawbone Infection) & Dry Socket During Wisdom Teeth Extractions

What Is Dry Socket?

After a tooth removal, a blood clot forms to cover the hole in the gums to give it the chance of being healed. If the blood clot does not develop properly, it will lead to alveolar osteitis, which is known as a dry socket. Dry sockets require dental care. When left untreated, dry socket can cause serious complications, such as infection.

You are likely to be at risk of developing a dry socket if you have recently had a tooth removal, though the condition rarely occurs. Also, you are at higher risk of suffering from the condition if you have experienced it before.

You may suffer from severe pain in your jaw or simply see the bone in the place of the removed tooth when you have a dry socket. Bad breath can be another sign warning of a dry socket. This dental condition comes with steady pain which you cannot beat with the help of painkillers. It may radiate to your other organs like your eyes and ears. To treat the condition, the dry socket will be cleaned of food particles and get packed with a specific dressing to numb the pain.

What Is Wisdom Teeth Extraction?

Wisdom tooth extraction is a surgical operation to remove your wisdom teeth if they do not have enough space to grow, or if they get painful. Sometimes, you are recommended to extract your wisdom teeth even if they are not causing any problems, just because they grow improperly. Other conditions may occur due to the wisdom teeth extraction including jawbone infection and dry socket.

How to Prevent Cavitation and Dry Socket during Wisdom Teeth Extractions?

Maintaining a proper lifestyle can help reduce the risk of conditions due to wisdom tooth extraction. Your body will overcome the infections if you have a healthy lifestyle and diet. Taking antibiotics can help after a tooth extraction surgery. You can also avoid infection and dry sockets by cleaning your mouth and applying gauze to cover the wound based on the post-care recommendations. You should ensure that your oral surgeon is well experienced to perform the procedure and share your medical and oral history with the surgeon to prevent such complications as blood clotting.

Smoking shall be limited before the wisdom teeth extractions. Using antibacterial mouthwashes, medicated gauze and gel will all be very helpful after the wisdom teeth extraction.

How to Prevent Cavitation (Jawbone Infection) & Dry Socket During Wisdom Teeth Extractions

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